Matt Hardy unable to compete?

Matt Hardy unable to compete?

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- With Cyber Sunday hours away, speculation abounds today in Washington D.C. that WWE officials may not allow Matt Hardy to compete tonight because of injuries sustained on SmackDown.

This past Friday night, Hardy was involved in tag team action alongside fellow WWE Tag Team Champion and scheduled Cyber Sunday opponent MVP. In the midst of the heated contest, Hardy received a severe gash on his head that left the tag champion a wounded mess on SmackDown.

Tonight, Hardy is supposed to compete against Porter in either a Wrestling Match, Boxing Match or Mixed Martial Arts Match -- decided by YOU, our fans. Following the events of Friday night and Hardy's injury, this interactive battle is now in serious jeopardy.

How will this affect Cyber Sunday tonight? Will WWE officials render Hardy unable to compete? To see what will transpire and how this will impact the most interactive event of the year, tune in live tonight on pay-per-view. 

Check out photos of Hardy being treated by doctors after the match...

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