The 'one true destroyer'

The 'one true destroyer'

When Triple H referred to himself Monday night as the "one true destroyer" and said he wouldn't mind battling Umaga in a Steel Cage Match, First Blood Match and a Street Fight at Cyber Sunday, he wasn't just playing mind games with the Samoan Bulldozer. He was speaking as a gladiator who has been to hell and back through all kinds of wars.

You, our fans, have the power to decide what kind of war Triple H and Umaga will wage on Oct. 28 at Cyber Sunday. For The King of Kings, it doesn't matter whether you choose a Steel Cage Match, a Street Fight or First Blood Match for him and Umaga -- nothing, he says, will stop him from slaying the savage Samoan beast.

"It's not gonna matter to me whether it's a Steel Cage Match, a First Blood Match or a Street Fight," Triple H said on Raw. "If I had my way, it would be all three. For the first time tonight, I looked into those cold black eyes and I saw doubt. This Sunday, I will see fear. …You will step into the ring and fall before The King of Kings." (WATCH)

In many ways, Triple H is tailor-made for the stipulations he faces this Sunday. "The Cerebral Assassin" is not just a cool-sounding moniker for the 11-time world champion. It means he is cold, calculating and just as comfortable torturing his opponents with a Figure-Four Leglock and Indian Deathlock as he is wielding a sledgehammer. He is well-versed in all aspects of the "game." But so-called experts didn't always see Triple H this way.

Early in his career, fairly or unfairly, some perceived Triple H as primarily a ring technician, a "finesse guy." But all that changed during his rivalry with Mick Foley in 2000. As Cactus Jack, Foley made Triple H see his own blood and taught him -- forced him -- to tap into the deepest, darkest corners of his mind. That was the only way The Game survived in a Street Fight and Hell in a Cell Match against Foley and sent the Hardcore Legend into retirement.

Triple H ultimately credited Foley with improving his overall game. That legendary rivalry turned The Game into a destroyer who was ready to adapt to all kinds of environments and match stipulations. That's why he has seen and done it all against a who's who of legendary Superstars under various circumstances. Next to Undertaker, he has been involved in the most Hell in the Cell Matches (six), and defeated Superstars such as Foley, Chris Jericho, Kevin Nash and longtime friend (but sometimes heated rival) Shawn Michaels. He has scars from competing in three Elimination Chamber Matches --a WWE record he shares with HBK.

And if you still somehow doubt Triple H's toughness, consider this: At No Way Out in 2001, he fought "Stone Cold" Steve Austin three times in one night and defeated him in two of their matches. Those two victories came in a Street Fight and a Cage Match, which were considered The Rattlesnake's forte.

In Umaga, The Game faces one of the toughest opponents in his career. The 348 pound Samoan Bulldozer is difficult to hurt, is bloodthirsty and knows no backup. He has never forgotten how Triple H left him facedown in a pool of his own blood in September during an attack with a chair and a sledgehammer. Both men have each other's blood on their hands and as their wild brawl Monday night indicated, they are anxious to tear into one another again.

At Cyber Sunday, the blood of Triple H and Umaga will be on your hands. Decide whether they should battle in a Street Fight, a Cage Match or under First Blood Rules. Under any stipulation, The Game and the Samoan Bulldozer will be playing a dangerous game -- but they wouldn't have it any other way.

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