Fan Nation wins in a landslide

Fan Nation wins in a landslide

You, our fans, spoke - and spoke loudly - as 13,189,061 of you voted on this year's Cyber Sunday choices. For setting up some of the most exciting and highly anticipated matches in the history of sports-entertainment's most interactive event, WWE proudly salutes you!

Without the WWE Fan Nation exercising its freedom of choice, we may never have witnessed Shawn Michaels put hated rival WWE Champion Randy Orton to sleep with Sweet Chin Music for the fourth time in a row, World Heavyweight Champion Batista exorcise his own demon in Undertaker or ECW Champion CM Punk retain the title against the self-proclaimed "chick magnet," The Miz. And in yet another masterstroke, you wisely elected to pit The King of Kings, Triple H, against the Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga, in a brutal Street Fight Match.

There's no doubt that our fans rocked the vote this year to make Cyber Sunday 2007 a raucous and rousing success. For your part, we thank you, and can't wait to hear from you again when next year's campaign kicks off.

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