Capital gains in sight for Mr. Kennedy?

Capital gains in sight for Mr. Kennedy?

Washington, D.C., has long been a city which has fostered great leaders in American history -- all sent to serve by the vote of the people.

Sharing his name with one of our most famous U.S. presidents, Mr. Kennedy hopes history continues its course this Sunday as he prepares to serve -- if chosen -- as WWE Champion Randy Orton's opponent at Cyber Sunday in the nation's capital. And he hopes that your vote will lead to what he believes is his rightful place as WWE Champion.

For Kennedy, the choice at Cyber Sunday is clear as glass. Kennedy believes he should be the front-runner in this historic race between himself, Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy and four-time World Champion Shawn Michaels to combat the Legend Killer for his title this Sunday.

And the boisterous Green Bay, Wis., loudmouth is not shy about telling fellow Superstars, you, our voting fans, or just about anybody that will listen all about it.

"Like any political candidate, I'm the best man for the job, I'm the most qualified," Kennedy told in an exclusive video interview. Watch the video… 

Kennedy believes he's the future of WWE, and a glance at his impressive resumé arguably backs up his claim. He's the 2007 Money in the Bank winner, defeating seven other opponents in a brutal Ladder Match on sports-entertainment's grandest stage at WrestleMania 23. But Kennedy's right to challenge for a world championship was lost -- some say stolen -- by a combination of injury and Edge's mental manipulation.

He's beaten seven World Champions in his career, including Undertaker, Batista and Rey Mysterio. Those wins almost always get the Green Bay gladiator mentioned prominently in any conversation about WWE Championship contenders.

And, Kennedy argues, he's done more lately on Raw than Shawn Michaels, whose return after five months on the shelf because of an Orton-induced head injury rubs him the wrong way.

"Who the hell does Shawn Michaels think he is, just waltzing into WWE after five months away and demanding a WWE Title shot?" Kennedy asks.

Kennedy wants you, the voters, to believe that HBK should prove himself and climb up the championship ladder before he gets a WWE Title opportunity. He notes that HBK has not pinned anyone since his return. That's correct, but Michaels has been dead-on accurate with three straight weeks of Sweet Chin Music on Orton.

Whether or not Kennedy's case holds water and he is deserving of a championship match at Cyber Sunday is ultimately up to you. But the man with the microphone brags loudly that he's the best bet to end Orton's reign as WWE Champion.

"The WWE fans should vote for the most qualified man for the job," Kennedy said. "The WWE fans should vote for the future of sports-entertainment. The WWE fans should vote for MRRRR. KENNNEEEDDDDYYY!!!!"

Vote Now to make Kennedy's championship dream come true at Cyber Sunday!

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