Three paths to pain, only one winner at Cyber Sunday

Three paths to pain, only one winner at Cyber Sunday

Umaga and Triple H are set for a brutal war at Cyber Sunday, but you, the WWE Fan Nation, will decide what kind of battle they will have. Here is a closer look at the three different stipulations you can select from when The Game and the Samoan Bulldozer take their rivalry to the nation's capital on Oct. 28: 

First Blood Match

If you choose First Blood for Umaga and Triple H, someone will be wearing crimson by the final bell. The match can only be won by making your opponent bleed, and having the official call for the bell.
This match knows no boundaries. Whether it's the edge of the ring steps, metal on a turnbuckle bolt, or a sharp foreign object, Triple H and Umaga can do anything to break each other's skin. Both have shown they have a crimson-laced mean streak.

Umaga can be like a shark when he smells blood, as witnessed on Monday night when he demolished his opponent in a demonstration presented by Mr. McMahon. Will the Samoan have The Game seeing red at Cyber Sunday?

Steel Cage Match

With a mass of unforgiving steel surrounding the ring, your second match option might be the only thing that can contain these two Superstars.
Traditionally, a Steel Cage Match is won in three different ways: A competitor must either pin his opponent, make him submit, or a combatant must escape the 15-foot-high cage through the door or over the top, and be the first to have both feet touch the floor.

Any weapon is legal, but who needs a weapon when there are solid steel bars and cheese-grater-like fencing all around you?
Cage matches have been some of the most brutal competitions in WWE history and are saved only for the most personal of rivalries. The battle between The Game and Umaga definitely fits that bill.

Street Fight

It'll be "Katie, bar the door," as Hall of Fame Raw announcer Jim Ross would say, if you, the fans, opt for this contest
In the past, Street Fights have been innovative for their destruction and mayhem. There are no count-outs and no holds are barred. Anything goes in this match -- come as you are, bring any weapon you'd like.

And feel free to use anything that's available in the building. Sledgehammers, rattan canes, baseball bats and even the kitchen sink are completely within bounds.

Triple H has a history of success in Street Fights, and he may need a wide array of equalizers to counter the strength and power of the Samoan savage. But a Street Fight also seems to feed Umaga's appetite for destruction.
Make your voice heard. Vote now and set the stage for the next chapter in Umaga and Triple H's rivalry!

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