Who is the "champion of champions?"

At this year’s Cyber Sunday, history will be made when champion takes on champion… takes on champion. At RAW Family Reunion, WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon announced that on Nov. 5, the champions from all three brands will square off in one match: RAW’s WWE Champion John Cena vs. SmackDown’s World Heavyweight Champion King Booker vs. ECW World Champion Big Show.

It was a blockbuster announcement for sure, as never before have any two brands’ champions faced off one-on-one. But at Cyber Sunday, all three will battle it out to determine which one is the “champion of champions,” and the questions surrounding this match are plentiful.

Can anyone (or even Booker & Cena combined) stop the Big Show? With Paul Heyman in his proverbial corner, the extreme giant has been on a rampage since winning ECW gold in July. He is a 7-foot, 507-pound monster that has destroyed everything in his path.

What role will Queen Sharmell play? Always loyally standing by the side of King Booker, the Queen has proven she will do whatever it takes to help her man stay on top of his SmackDown kingdom. Even with his Royal Court potentially crumbling, the King always has an Ace up his sleeve in Sharmell.

Will Cena have to go it alone? Big Show has Heyman and the King has his Queen, and neither second has ever been shy about getting involved. Cena, however, may be walking into battle without someone to watch his back. The Champ has overcome great odds in the past, and he’s also defeated both of the other champions in his WWE career; but will having no one by his side to perhaps tilt things in his favor factor into things?

And finally, what will be the ramifications of the end result of this match? Will the winner truly be the most dominant champion in WWE, and does this mean that his brand is truly the superior entity? The victor will certainly claim both of these come Nov. 6, but will the proof be in the pudding?

Cyber Sunday will be the most interactive pay-per-view of the year, and may even hold the answer to one of the WWE fans’ most argued questions.


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