Pressure on the Champ?

Monday night on RAW, the sports-entertainment world was turned upside by Mr. McMahon's stunning announcement regarding the main event at Cyber Sunday. For the first time in WWE history, it will be champion vs. champion vs. champion. RAW's WWE Champion John Cena will square off with SmackDown's World Heavyweight Champion King Booker and ECW's World Champion Big Show in the biggest Triple Threat match in pay-per-view history.

An intrigued Cena told just how important the match will be to both the fans and the locker rooms involved in the Triple Threat.

"Ever since the brand extension, everyone's wanted to know who the superior brand is," said Cena. "This match is going to go a long way in proving who's on top. King Booker and Big Show have been kicking ass on their respective shows, and nobody wants to lose this match. It's going to be very exciting for the fans."

While a Triple Threat is exciting for fans, it can be a nightmare for the performers. The rules of the Triple Threat are simple: the first man to score a pinfall or submission is the victor. Cena knows he can lose the match without being involved in the decision, and if he does lose, he knows it could be tough to walk back into the RAW locker room.

"The Triple Threat match has never been my favorite," said a focused WWE Champion. "I have a lot of pride for my brand. I feel a lot of pressure to defend and represent the RAW brand. If I lose this match, I'll never hear the end of it."

Because he is the WWE Champion, Cena bares a bulls-eye from the rest of the RAW locker room every time he steps through the curtain on Monday nights. At Cyber Sunday though, those Superstars who usually target Cena will be squarely in his corner. If he fails in the main event though, those Superstars will quickly turn their backs. One of those men is a constant rival of John Cena, "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters.

"John and I have never, and will never, see eye to eye," said a serious Masters. "At Cyber Sunday, he's representing me and the rest of the RAW locker room, so you better believe we'll be watching closely. He better go out there and show the world who the dominant brand is. If he doesn't, he'll have his hands full when he returns to the locker room."

Another man who recently crossed paths with John Cena is former Intercontinental Champion Johnny Nitro. The arrogant Superstar says Cena's got a lot riding on Cyber Sunday.

"I will never lend a hand to John Cena," said a relaxed Nitro. "I'll say this, Cena is a fighter, and I hope and think he will come out victorious at Cyber Sunday. If he doesn't represent us well, he's going to be even more of an outcast in this locker room than he already is. We already talk crap about him behind his back, but if he loses, we'll all be saying it to his face."

Redneck tag team specialist Trevor Murdoch echoed Nitro's sentiments.

"My personal opinion is that John Cena couldn't beat his way out of a wet paper bag," said a pissed off Murdoch. "But, you're representing RAW against SmackDown and ECW so you better win. You're tough, not as tough as me of course, but you should be able to beat those guys. If he doesn't he will have embarrassed the hell out of all of us, and believe me, me and Lance will be the first to let him know."

On Sunday, November 5, John Cena will have the weight of the RAW roster on his shoulders. Will he deliver on the pressures of his fellow Superstars? Find out for yourself when WWE's most interactive pay-per-view, Cyber Sunday comes to pay-per-view.


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