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The Chairman dropped a bomb during RAW on Monday, announcing one of the titles will be on the line when WWE Champion John Cena, World Heavyweight Champion King Booker and ECW World Champion Big Show step into the ring for a Triple Threat Match at Cyber Sunday. Each brand will be at the mercy of WWE fans as they will have the final say as to which championship is at stake by voting on Now, with the decision that one of the titles will be up for grabs, RAW, SmackDown or ECW has more than pride on the line.

"There's everything to gain and everything to lose," said John Coachman, Mr. McMahon's Executive Assistant. "There's so much to gain, not only notoriety and pride for whatever brand is able to win that match."

Initially, the Chairman's plan was to determine a champion of champions between the three titleholders. Now, should one of the championships change hands, the champion of champions will have a very covered waist in addition to bragging rights to show off his domination.

"No man wants to lose," said SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long. "If King Booker does lose at Cyber Sunday, it's going to be a big letdown for me and for SmackDown. King Booker is our World Heavyweight Champion and he's carrying the ball right now. We want to remain on top and I think that's what we're going to do."

While each brand has a lot at stake, their respective general managers have all the confidence in the world.

"It's a win-win situation for ECW," said ECW's self-proclaimed Messiah Paul Heyman. "Either the Big Show will defend the ECW World Title and display his dominance or the Big Show will obtain two of the three major championships under the WWE umbrella."

Heyman admitted there is a potential risk involved for ECW, should the brand lose its championship; however, he sees that as an unlikely outcome.

"It would be a devastating blow to Extreme Championship Wrestling," Heyman said about the possibility. "That's always something we take into consideration. Just like every time the Big Show walks down the street, a semi could run him over. Just like every time the Big Show walks into a hotel, there could be a flood or a fire. Just like every time the Big Show gets up in the morning, the floor beneath him could break. I don't find any of these hypothetical situations to be probable, nor do I find it probable that the ECW World Champion will lose the title."

As confident as each general manager is, they all encourage their respective WWE fans to vote for a different brand's title.

"I would certainly hope that the fans would not vote for the WWE Championship to be on the line," Coachman said. "We want to keep that on RAW. And I'm not saying John Cena's going to lose, but in a Triple Threat Match, as all the fans know, anything can happen."

While Coachman adamantly pushes RAW fans to vote for either the World Heavyweight Championship or the ECW World Title, Long takes a more laid back approach.

"I want you to vote for the guy who you believe is the best qualified," he said. "Look what the person has done as far as how long he's been champion and how he's been able to retain the title."

Long insists King Booker will be successful in defending his kingdom, claiming the Cyber Sunday main event will put SmackDown, which is already on top, through the roof.

"You may not agree with King Booker and what he does in the ring," Long said, "but for him to come out victorious will certainly be something really big for SmackDown. I'm just looking forward to King Booker bringing it on."

Coachman claims he is sure that WWE fans will be backing Cena come Nov. 5, but Heyman sees the competition as a matter of simple physics.

"As popular as John Cena may be and as much on a role as King Booker may be," Heyman said, "neither one, nor do their talent combined, measure up to the seven foot tall, 500 pound extreme giant that holds the ECW World Title."

The general managers can say all they want, but the fate of WWE's three champions is in the hands of WWE fans.

"I think originally when this came out, it was a nice, sexy match to have and we were excited about champion vs. champion vs. champion," Coachman said. "But now that the stakes have risen and the fact that we have no idea until Cyber Sunday which title is going to be on the line has to leave each champion a little bit nervous. There was a lot on the line pride-wise before. And now there's a lot more on the line. It's going to be interesting to see what happens that night."

Make sure to find out what does happen at Cyber Sunday on Nov. 5 and don't forget to vote on to determine which brand's champion will put it all on the line.


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