King Booker on Champion of Champions Match

World Heavyweight Champion King Booker takes great pride in ruling his SmackDown Kingdom with an iron fist. At Cyber Sunday, King Booker will put his Kingdom's honor on the line when he competes in the first ever Triple Threat Champion vs. Champion vs. Champion match against RAW's John Cena and ECW's Big Show.

King Booker knows that the reputation of SmackDown is at stake when he enters the ring at Cyber Sunday. The self-titled benevolent King says he will be prepared when the day of the pay-per-view arrives .

"I will be rightfully representing my SmackDown Kingdom on November 5," said a focused King. "Not only will I be defending my Kingdom's honor, but I will also be defending the entire world of sports-entertainment from these peasants. I will be more than prepared for the battle that lies ahead."

With so much on the line, the common man would feel immense pressure. The King on the other hand believes the strength of his Kingdom will carry him through the Triple Threat, and erase all pressure.

"There is no pressure, I feel no pressure at all," said the World Heavyweight Champion. "I will have support of my entire Kingdom. All the commoners, all the king's horses, and all the king's men will be in my corner at Cyber Sunday. I will be facing two of the most reputable gladiators in all of sports-entertainment in Big Show and John Cena. But of course, I, King Booker will fight valiantly for my Kingdom."

King Booker will undoubtedly have the support of the SmackDown locker room at Cyber Sunday. If he loses however, he may have a tough time walking back into his own Kingdom.

"King Booker and I are definitely not buddies," said the dress-wearing Superstar. "At Cyber Sunday though, I will be supporting King Booker. After surviving the Fatal Four Way at No Mercy, I think he will have an advantage in the Triple Threat. If he doesn't win though, I can assure you Vito will have something to say about it."

Despite their great disdain for King Booker, their pride in the SmackDown name will force them to root for his majesty at Cyber Sunday. On November 5, Matt Hardy says he will become a King Booker fan for a day.

"At the end of the day, I'm a SmackDown Superstar," said Hardy. "I want us to be No. 1, and for us to be that, King Booker has to be victorious at Cyber Sunday. This is going to be a very exciting match, and I will be in the King's corner all the way. If he loses though, He will hear it when he walks back into our locker room. In our business, people lose sometimes, but in a match like this, there is no room for failure."

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