The champions prepare

Tonight at Cyber Sunday, history will be made when the first-ever Champion of Champions Match takes place. While it is not yet known which title will be on the line, one thing that is for sure is that all eyes in the sports-entertainment world will be watching this momentous event. Even though all the brands fall under the WWE umbrella now, there is fierce competition between these factions.

“I’m more proud of being the ECW World Champion then I was of being the RAW champion or the WCW champion or the SmackDown champion,” sneered ECW World Champion Big Show as he entered the arena this afternoon, “because we don’t have a locker-room full of prima donnas.”

A heated Big Show went on. 

“I’m proud of my guys at ECW. I’m proud of each and every one of them. These guys have dug in the trenches and dug hard. They’ve bled and had broken bones and have done the worst things in the business because they love this business.”

WWE Champion John Cena, who will be looking to crush Big Show tonight, feels just as strongly about the rivalry.

“People who think that [there isn’t competition between the WWE brands] are completely ignorant,” snapped Cena while sitting in the empty arena preparing for his match. “Every brand wants to be supreme.”

World Heavyweight Champion King Booker could not be reached for comment. The reclusive King locked himself away so he could get focused on the big night.

You might think that these Superstars would be feeling the pressure of competing in such a history-making match, but as champion, these men are used to being in the hot seat.

“Believe it or not I don’t usually fall under the gun on these things,” confided Cena. “The gift and the curse of being the champion is being in very marquee situations. It’s a great match and I’m happy to be a part of it.”

While both champs want to represent for their brands, they also felt they had their brand’s support.

“When your brand’s reputation is on the line,” explained Cena, “you go from having one or two friends to having the whole locker room behind you.”

As the benchmark in ECW, Big Show said that he always represents his brand mates.

“Every time I step through that curtain, I’m doing it for my ECW guys,” said the extremely sincere giant. “I’m working for them too. I’m proud of them and I want them to be proud of me as their champion.”

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