A Legendary Choice

Of all the choices WWE fans will make for Cyber Sunday, perhaps the most unique is choosing which WWE Legend will team with Ric Flair to challenge the Spirit Squad for the World Tag Team Championship.

The three Legends in contention to compete -- Sgt. Slaughter, Rowdy Roddy Piper and Dusty Rhodes -- all consider it an honor to have the opportunity to team with the "Nature Boy." Come Nov. 5, one of them will have an opportunity to claim WWE gold at the interactive pay-per-view.

"Having Flair in your corner gives you that something extra," said Slaughter. "There aren't too many guys I'd go into a foxhole with, but Flair is one of them."

The Hall of Famer added, "To me, the Spirit Squad are a bunch of scum, slime, maggots and pukes and I want to teach them a lesson and capture those tag team titles."

Rhodes pointed out that there is no wrong choice for the WWE fans, but the situation at Cyber Sunday would allow something to take place that never has -- he'd be Flair's partner rather than his opponent.

"The 'Nature Boy' and I have not really been together [as a tag team] because we've always been on opposite sides of the ring," said Rhodes of his classic rivalry with Flair. "But I have the chance to team with someone I respect in and out of the ring and I'm up for the task." 

The "American Dream" also said that no matter who the WWE fans pick, the other Legends will staunchly be in their corner.

"We'll huddle up before we go out and whichever gets chosen we'll be there to support the WWE fans and the Legend," said Rhodes.

Piper, who has always been known as a frank and often erratic Superstar, cited his similarities with Flair as to why it would be an interesting pairing for Cyber Sunday.

"We're both egotistical and want to be in control, so I've found that when I've tagged with him in the past -- about four or five times -- he wants to be the general in the ring… and so do I," said the Hall of Famer.

"But I trust him and being considered to be his partner is an honor," added Piper. "The Spirit Squad is fast, young, strong and have big hopes, so I'll be ready whether I'm picked or not. Never underestimate your opponent."

Cyber Sunday is rapidly approaching and the opportunity to choose the best candidate to help Flair unseat the Spirit Squad is up to the WWE fans. Make sure your vote counts. (Vote)

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