Kota Ibushi vs. Brian Kendrick (Quarterfinal Match)

Kota Ibushi vs. Brian Kendrick (Quarterfinal Match)

The two competitors in this CWC Quarterfinal find themselves in diametrically opposite situations. Kota Ibushi came into the CWC as one of, if not, the favorite to win the entire competition, and he has shown why in each of his matches so far. The Golden Star fought off the daredevil challenge of upstart Sean Maluta in the First Round, then defeated Cedric Alexander in a match that still has the WWE Universe buzzing. Ibushi’s mix of aerial skill and vicious strikes makes him a force in the tournament.

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On the other hand, Brian Kendrick may be the most dangerous competitor left in the field. The former WWE Tag Team Champion said from the outset that he saw the CWC as his last shot at redemption in sports-entertainment, after letting his initial chance at success slip through his fingers. What looked to be an underdog story quickly turned sour, as Kendrick showed that he was willing to do anything and everything to win the tournament.  A far cry from the high-flyer that dazzled fans a decade ago, the 37-year-old wrestles with desperation, willing to claw, scratch and fight dirty to stay alive in the CWC. That strategy, along with the knowledge that comes with 17 years of experience in the ring, has served The Post-Apocalyptic Scavenger well so far, bringing him victories over Raul Mendoza and Tony Nese in the first two rounds.

Ibushi has the natural wrestling ability necessary to succeed wherever he goes. But will that be enough to stop the ruthless Kendrick? 

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