Anthony Bennett vs. Tony Nese (First Round Match)

Anthony Bennett vs. Tony Nese (First Round Match)

The first round continues with a veteran competitor looking to prove that he should have been in WWE long ago, facing a young upstart looking to bring his unique style to the worldwide stage.

Tony Nese has the look of a Superstar and the in-ring skills to back it up. Some may rush to pigeonhole the Long Island, N.Y. native after taking one look at his chiseled physique, though Nese revels in proving those people wrong. He can hit like a heavyweight, but can fly with the best aerial artists in sports-entertainment. His muscular form makes his trademark 450 Splash all the more devastating.

Nese faces off against Anthony Bennett in the first round. Bennett comes to the CWC from the world-famous Monster Factory training school in New Jersey, which has produced the likes of Bam Bam Bigelow and King Kong Bundy. Bennett isn’t a titan like his fellow Factory alumni, but his high-top fade hairdo certainly towers over the competition. Yet, even though the Kid ‘n Play fan loves to have a good time, he’ll have to get serious if he wants to get past Tony Nese and turn the Cruiserweight Classic into his own personal house party.


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