Droz's picks for Backlash

Droz's picks for Backlash

Sorry I missed you guys for WrestleMania, but I had a whole bunch of junk going on that week, along with my 40th Birthday on the 7th of April. I really enjoyed checking out the spectacle that was the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania, and now that the lines have been drawn once again, it's time to build back up for another stellar year of pay-per-views. Of course, that leads us into Backlash … so let's get going …

Santina on Khali Kiss Cam

Well folks, I don't know exactly where this one is going, but it is probably going to be funnier than hell. I am sure that Santino is going to try everything in his power again to keep his twin sister from locking lips with Khali. I have a sneaking suspicion that the big man is going to lay his lips on his luscious twin sister, and there is not a damn thing he can do about it … pucker up!

CM Punk vs. Kane

Right off the bat, I was leaning toward Kane, I faced this man many years ago and as my buddy's son so eloquently put it, "Kane chokeslammed you Uncle Darren!"  Now that this memory is fresh in my mind I think that CM Pink is going to have what it takes to keep The Big Red Machine off balance and help him pull away with a big win.

Chris Jericho vs. WWE Hall of Famer Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat

I am really looking forward to seeing these two go at it in the squared circle. Of course, both are legendary wrestlers, but back in Steamboat's heyday, he was a wrecking machine. With so many innovative moves and techniques, I don't think that Jericho could hang with him back in the day.  But, this is 2009, and although Steamboat is still a great competitor, Jericho's ring skills are above those of the aging Dragon. I would love to pick Steamboat but … but, you know what, I am going to pick Steamboat because I feel like there is going to be a little trickery going on here.

Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy ("I Quit" Match)

I remember when I first started out with WWE and there were these two young kids with these multi colored tights that they made themselves, out in the ring busting their butts whenever they got the chance.  I have to say that it's great to have seen them grow up and become the great wrestlers that they are today. I hate to see these two brothers fighting, but to see them against each other is something that is a spectacle to behold. Matt has clearly been after his brother for quite some time now, and I am hoping that Jeff, in my eyes, will remain the better of the two brothers. Now that I have said that, I feel that Matt will be victorious in this match, however I would love to see Jeff win and put his brother in his place. One side note of this, it is really going to be hard for either brother to utter those words, "I quit." As anyone would know that has a brother or sister, the last thing you want to do is lose to a sibling, no matter what the competition is.

WWE Champion Triple H, Batista & Shane McMahon vs. Randy Orton & The Legacy

Wow, with all the stipulations in this match, I think that I could end up with the title when it's all said and done.  Vicki Guerrero will find any way that she can to get that gold off of Triple H, and this just might be her way to do it.  By fighting in this team aspect, I actually feel that The Game has a better chance of retaining his gold especially having Batista on his side, and Shane O'Mac is no slouch when it comes to thumping people. On the other end of the spectrum, Orton and his boys are no slouches themselves and offer The Game's team a very interesting match up. I am hoping that Triple H and his teammates are able to retain this championship, but I have a sneaky feeling that Orton and company are really going to take it to his team. Although I have that feeling, what the hell, I am going to stick with it, Orton will be the champion, and I'm not going to contradict myself.

ECW Champion Jack Swagger vs. Christian

Young Jack Swagger has impressed a lot of people since coming to WWE, including myself. He is a very technical and athletic wrestler with good size and a great wrestling background to top it all off. I am looking for Swagger to have one hell of a match with Christian.  Christian, being a very cagey vet, will have quite a few tricks up his sleeve for the youngster and will make this a supremely challenging match for Mr. Swagger. I am definitely leaning toward Christian in this one, because of experience and skill and although Swagger has the size on him, Christian wrestles very big for a mid-sized wrestler. 

World Heavyweight Champion John Cena vs. Edge (Last Man Standing Match)

Wow … these two men, as always, will leave it all in the ring come Sunday night. Cena and Edge are both still grizzly veterans who know how to play this wrestling game with the best of them. Edge is definitely the craftier of the two, knowing all the little tricks in the book to keep his opponent on edge, no pun intended. Cena, on the other hand, is a come right at ya straight shooter who will pound you with power moves and dazzle you with finesse. I enjoy seeing a man this size executing the moves he does, and every trick in the book is going to be needed to keep Edge down to the very end.  I think that Cena's superior strength is going to aid him in keeping Edge down for the count, but I know that Edge will use every last ounce of energy to hold onto that gold and not give it up to the crafty rapper.  When the last man is standing, Cena will have his hand raised and the belt still around his waist.

I hope that everyone is enjoying the change of seasons out there, I have been trying to get out fishing quite a few times and as luck would have it, I have been dealing with some 30 mph winds for far too long now.  The stripers are running right now and my nephew actually caught a small one the other day while I was out fishing on the dock with him.  I didn't catch any stripers, but I caught a couple of catfish … at least I'm catching something! My nieces and nephews have been keeping me quite busy going to soccer, baseball, lacrosse and a number of other sporting events that could be going on. I love getting out there to see them on the field doing what they do. I have to say that they are all very skilled athletes and I'm looking forward to seeing them grow up and get better and better. I also would like to send a happy birthday wish out to my great friend Abbey, we just celebrated her birthday on the 24th at my parent's house and we had a fantastic time.  It's great getting together with friends and family and having some great laughs.

Once again, if you could please keep our troops and their families in your thoughts and prayers, I am sure that it would be greatly appreciated.


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