Redneck revenge

Redneck revenge

LONDON -- Success in sports-entertainment can be defined by the respect a Superstar earns from his colleagues and WWE fans. Not necessarily by boos or cheers, but appreciation and admiration for their work ethic and in-ring toughness.

After more than a decade of clawing their way through all various promotions, Raw's country-brawling duo of Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch feel they've been dissed — and they're sick of it. Internet critics have lambasted the tag team that will take on The Hardys for the gold at Backlash as unworthy and undeserving of the opportunity.

In a anger-fueled diatribe, Cade & Murdoch unloaded on what they feel is a lack of substance behind the claims of their "armchair critics."

"There are people out there who think they know more about the sports-entertainment business than we do," said an incensed Cade. "Who do they think they are? They've never gone further in this business than logging onto to watch Heat or going to Ticketmaster to buy tickets for Raw."

Murdoch, biting his nails and spitting the remnants on the floor while his partner spoke, was visibly irked and itching to unleash what was on his mind.
"Have these Internet kids ever bled or been paralyzed in the ring before?" he asked, as flakes of chewing tobacco spewed from his mouth. "Maybe they've gotten finger cramps from too many hours on the computer or some back pain from forgetting to slip a pillow behind their chair, but that's it. Look, if you can't do what we do, shut your mouths."
Unable to control himself from yelling, Cade added, "Which of those Internet losers has had to leave his family for 14 straight days like we just did on this past European tour? They've never had to miss their son's or daughter's birthday like I'm going to have to do this Saturday. Unless they've stepped foot in our ring, they've got no business judging us."

For Cade & Murdoch, this issue of respect has gone well beyond the four ring posts, and has evolved into an obsession to demonstrate just how ignorant their naysayers have been.

Requiring a few deep breaths to settle down, Cade slugged an entire bottle of water, shut his eyes and spoke through clinched teeth.

"Our livelihood has been insulted, and we've had our manhood challenged by these know-nothing idiots. These people have never taken the time or the sacrifice to do what we do. They need to just shut the hell up."

Cade & Murdoch's technical backgrounds enforce what they're saying. Murdoch was trained by WWE Hall of Famer Harley Race; Cade was trained by Shawn Michaels (during HBK's hiatus from WWE). Having the experience from two of the greatest in the business has given them all the confidence they need.

"We're both 10 year pros, and the bottom line is that it's time to take no prisoners and show the world why the Redneck Wrecking Crew is unstoppable," said Murdoch.

With a promise to back up their words with action, the conversation ended with a vow from Cade.

"I swear on everything there is to swear on," he said. "We're the best team in the business. If you have something to say about it, come say it at a show, at the rental car line or even at my house in San Antonio."

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