Droz's picks for Armageddon

Droz's picks for Armageddon

Hope everyone is doing well out there. I had really tough time with my picks last pay-per-view, but I've come to realize that you can't always be perfect. Let's see how I do on this pay-per-view -- can't be much worse than last time. On that note, let's start them off!

World Heavyweight Champion John Cena vs. Chris Jericho

Well, I was shocked to see Cena win the gold after his time off, but he looked great and was desrerving of it. Jericho, of course, is not very happy about losing the title. I'm sure that he'll pull every trick in the book to try and take Cena down and take the title back. Jericho may want it back, but it's not going to happen this time. Cena will continue his role and remain champion.

WWE Champion Edge vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Triple H (Triple Threat Match)

I know that if I were Edge, I'd be very concerned about this match. Seeing as he doesn't have to be pinned to lose his gold, it makes it that much harder for the champion to retain. Jeff has been gunning for this championship for quite some time, and although I feel he is deserving, I don't see it happening on this night.  Hopefully, I'm wrong!!!  But like I said before, the champ has to worry about both these competitors. With Triple H involved in this mix, I see him having the best chance of taking the gold, but I just have a feeling that Edge will remain the king of SmackDown.

Batista vs. Randy Orton

From what I see, these two have the classic love-hate relationship. They love to hate each other. From what I've read on WWE.com, this is there first singles match since they were together in Evolution years ago. While Batista has a huge size advantage, Orton, in my mind, definitely has an "it" factor that many wrestlers lack. I really don't know how to describe it, but when Orton is focused and determined, he finds a way to turn the tides in his favor and pull out the spectacular win. By no means is Batista a slouch, but I just see Orton with his hand raised.

ECW Champion Matt Hardy vs. Vladimir Kozlov (Non-title)

While I really wish this would be for the ECW Championship, I guess I'm going to have to settle for a knock-down, drag-out match. I can live with that. Kozlov has had problems with both Hardy brothers for some time now and he's looking to take out some frustration on Matt. Don't get me wrong, Matt Hardy is going to do some work of his own trying to put Kozlov down and pin him for the first time in his WWE career. I am a big fan of both Matt and Jeff, and I'd love to see Matt pull this one out, but I see Kozlov finishing him with that big hammer head of his to get the win.

Finlay vs. Mark Henry (Belfast Brawl)

These two competitors have a very long track record, and it's no surprise to anyone that they want to tear each other apart. Finlay's son Hornswoggle almost got crushed by Mark Henry on ECW on Sci Fi, and if it wasn't for Finlay yanking him out of the way, we might have had a smooshed leprechaun. Not that Finlay needed anymore inspiration, but in a brawl like this one, every little bit helps.  Henry, on the other hand, is always looking to cause major damage to his competitors and as big as he is, it comes quite easily at times. If you guys are looking for the "slobber knocker" of the night, this is going to be it. When it's all said and done, I think we'll see Finlay with his arm raised. 

Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk (Intercontinental Championship Tournament -- Finals)

Here's the match that I'm really looking forward to. When I wrestled, I was kind of a tweener big man at 6-foot-3, 275 pounds, but I always enjoyed watching the smaller, quicker guys fly around the ring, making things look flawless. This match has just what I'm looking for. Both Mysterio and Punk are fighting for a shot at William Regal's Intercontinental Championship, and when those two enter the ring, I see it being a non-stop, give-and-take, high-flying adventure that we're all going to be privleged to see. I'd hate to pick against Rey, but in this instance, I think Punk is going to come out on top. Sorry Rey.

Over the past week and a half, I've enjoyed seeing my nieces and nephews decorate their own tree at their house, as well as my parents' tree. I really love seeing the kids at Christmas time and how excited they get for everything. On that note, I guess I have to get my tree and I'll probably have the kids decorate it for me. It shouldn't take too long as I'm going to get a 5-foot tree and set it up in my living room. I have to watch out when ornaments go on there because Oreo has a taste for some of the softer ornaments and it's not pretty.

I hope everyone out there has a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Please remember those who are less fortunate, and do what you can to try and brighten up someone's day. Also if you could please keep our troops and their families in your prayers as this is even a harder time now that the holidays are upon us and many are seperated.  

Until next time…


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