A Major revelation

A Major revelation

PITTSBURGH -- Edge said during Armageddon that Vickie Guerrero's love has given him the "strength of three men..." That statement rang true during the Triple Threat Match, as the Ultimate Opportunist had the help of a pair of Rated-R replicas en route to winning the World Heavyweight Championship.

As the Rated-R Superstar revealed in a WWE Mobile on AT&T exclusive video, it turns out that the doppelganger duo was none other than Brett & Brian Major. But just why would the brothers from Long Island all of a sudden agree to help Edge in the culmination of his master plan? Perhaps it has something to do with what he said to them during the mobile exclusive:

"You listen to me … strap a rocket to your backs because you're going straight to the top. Tag team gold will be yours!"

Just this past summer, Brett & Brian Major made their debut in ECW and were a popular pair that was just glad to be living out their lifelong dream. Why would they choose now to associate with SmackDown's new top dog? Is there something linking them to the Rated-R Superstar?

Perhaps the young duo has aligned themselves with Edge to learn from one of the greatest tag team champions of all time -- The Rated-R Superstar is, after all, an 11-time tag team titleholder. Or maybe they want to skip the learning process and have the WWE Tag Team Championship handed to them.

After all, Edge's girlfriend, SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero, does have the power to make such a bold move. Was this a case of "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours?" It sure sounded that was from Edge's post-match comments.

There's an old proverb that goes like this: Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely. Now that Edge is the World Heavyweight Champion once again, it seems as if he and Vickie have absolute power. Has that absolutely corrupted Brett & Brian Major? And if that's the case … who else might the Rated-R Superstar have corrupted?

You can watch Edge's post-match celebration with the Major Brothers now on WWE Mobile on AT&T.


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