Hardy ready for his shining moment at Armageddon

Hardy ready for his shining moment at Armageddon

The phrase "once in a lifetime" is often overused. It's applied to holiday car sales, game shows and Super Bowls that turn into blowouts.

But for Jeff Hardy, who has spent his career flying from the highest heights and crashing onto opponents through tables, sacrificing his own personal well-being for victory, his once in a lifetime moment comes Dec. 16 at Armageddon.

That's where the Intercontinental Champion will face his recent tag team partner, Triple H, one-on-one. And Hardy knows he must conquer The Game to launch himself into the upper echelon of WWE and perhaps major contention for the WWE Championship.

"This is my chance to prove that I'm ready for the next level," an excited Hardy told WWE.com. "I'm looking at it as a must-win."

Hardy is a six-time World Tag Team Champion and four-time Intercontinental Champion, so he's no stranger to title chases. But his knowledge of the DX founder's ring tactics gives Hardy an edge he believes he can exploit.

"I was a big fan of DX, man, so I know Triple H's ring style," Hardy explained while a wily smile crept across his face. "Triple H is The Game and an 11-time World Champion. That's impressive, man. But I'm willing to do whatever it takes to win, and I think Triple H and everyone that knows me understands that. I'm not afraid of him. I can't be."

Hardy and Triple H have had a successful partnership in recent weeks. Both overcame incredible odds to be their team's sole survivors in the Traditional Elimination Match at Survivor Series, and they showed amazing chemistry in defeating the monstrous duo of Umaga & Snitsky on Raw.

But Hardy is not hesitant to say he'll pull out all the stops at Armageddon to defeat The Game. Mutual respect or not, he's sure Triple H wouldn't have it any other way as well.

"I'll do what it takes to win because this is what I need to do," Hardy said. "The WWE Championship is an honor that I have yet to achieve, and by beating Triple H at Armageddon, I'm one step closer to making that lifelong dream a reality."

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