Cashing in the ultimate opportunity?

Cashing in the ultimate opportunity?

The Armageddon clock has almost reached zero. Doomsday is upon us, and the powder keg that is the World Heavyweight Championship scene is about to explode like never before. Three men, multiple grudges … one title. But who -- if anyone -- has the advantage heading into Sunday night's championship showdown?

Based on sheer physical evidence, it may be the "Ultimate Opportunist" himself, Edge. Ever since Survivor Series, he has been the main protagonist of this whole situation, thanks to his attack on Undertaker inside Hell in a Cell. Yet, in that same span of time, the Rated-R Superstar is the only one who seems to escape every sticky situation with his hands clean.

The Friday after Survivor Series, Edge was granted a World Heavyweight Title Match by his girlfriend, SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero. He didn't beat Batista the following Friday night thanks to Undertaker's interjection, but when all was said and done, he ducked out of harm's way while The Phenom -- frustrated that he couldn't get to Edge -- delivered a thunderous chokeslam to the World Heavyweight Champion.

Then, two weeks ago, when Edge took on Undertaker's brother, Kane, all hell broke loose once again. Batista got involved, as did The Phenom -- and once again, the Ultimate Opportunist watched as carnage unfolded between the two. This time, it was Batista rocking Undertaker with a spear as the Rated-R Superstar slithered out of Dodge.

As if that psychological warfare wasn't enough, the physical ramifications of this past Friday night may have dug The Animal and The Phenom into a deeper hole. Vickie Guerrero put all three Triple Threat participants in action on SmackDown; however, following the Rated-R Superstar's convincing win over Funaki, Batista and Undertaker had much tougher competition -- made all the worse by Edge's involvement in both Superstars' affairs.

After barely surviving a grueling Last Man Standing Match against Kane, the World Heavyweight Champion found himself on the receiving end of a steel chair assault from Edge. As for Undertaker, after somehow getting by Mark Henry & Big Daddy V in a Handicap Match, he was the victim of a half-ton ambush by Matt Striker's massive tandem, orchestrated and cheered on by -- whom else? -- Edge.

Retribution is the key word heading into Armageddon, as all three men have a score to settle with both of their opponents. But the will to win and the thirst for revenge can only carry anyone, even a WWE Superstar, so far without physically being able to back it up -- and the fact remains that Batista and Undertaker were left decimated on Friday night, while once again Edge was left unscathed, grinning from ear to ear like a demented Cheshire Cat.

When you combine Edge's recent actions -- which have created more tension than ever between Batista and Undertaker -- with the fact that he has Vickie Guerrero behind him, the odds are seemingly on the Rated-R Superstar's side. Has the Ultimate Opportunist manipulated enough variables to make his "ultimate opportunity" at Armageddon a lock?

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