Everyone's a critic

Everyone's a critic

Just before his showdown with Shawn Michaels was announced for Armageddon, Mr. Kennedy continued to toss verbal grenades in his opponent's direction. The loudmouth from Green Bay, Wis., yanked the pin out of a few more pieces of artillery last Monday night as he held aloft Michaels' new DVD, Heartbreak & Triumph.

"[You can watch] Shawn Michaels betraying every single tag team member he's ever had," Kennedy told our fans. "See Shawn Michaels losing, coming up short in virtually every big main event match he's ever been a part of."

Despite his tirade, Kennedy wasn't done lobbing explosives just yet. Still furious about not getting a title opportunity, the bleached blond bomber continued to rip apart HBK's DVD.

"You get to see Shawn Michaels whining, complaining, manipulating, politicking his way into maintaining his main event status, even though there are hungrier, more talented individuals out there who have already surpassed them," he complained.

For his part, The Showstopper, while certain not one to underestimate his wily opponent, seemed determined not to let the pointed barbs get under his skin.

"I know younger guys like Kennedy will be gunning for me," he said. "He's smart enough to know that if he wants to make a name for himself, he needs to knock off the king of the jungle."

Despite brushing aside Kennedy's criticism, Michaels acknowledged that the brash Superstar also seems to have proven himself a master of the mind game. At the same time, however, he refused to admit that Kennedy might actually be getting inside his head.

"I'm not always proud of everything I've done in my career," Michaels admitted with a knowing glance. "But overall, I'm proud. I feel like I've always done what was best for this industry."

While Kennedy continues to argue that HBK's star has lost its luster, that his time has come and gone, Michaels says he's chomping at the bit to shut his opponent's mouth.

"I hope at the end of this match at Armageddon that Kennedy will be another highlight to be added to the next chapter in Shawn Michaels' career," The Showstopper said.

But just as the interview was concluding, Michaels' demeanor seemed to shift. He leaned forward, his brow arched and that familiar, self-effacing DX smirk spread across his dirty blond stubble.

"Don't forget," he added, in his gravelly baritone. "Heartbreak & Triumph is available now on WWE.com."

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