JBL's last ride

At Armageddon, former United States Champion Mr. Kennedy will face Undertaker in a rare and brutal Last Ride Match. With no rules, disqualifications, pinfalls or submissions, the only way to win is to pummel an opponent until he can be shoved into a hearse and driven out of the arena.

The match has occurred only once before in WWE history. At No Mercy in 2004, Undertaker faced John Bradshaw Layfield in a Last Ride Match for the WWE Championship. With a huge assist by Heidenreich, JBL was finally able to pick up the win over the Phenom in a two-on-one situation. Bradshaw's controversial win came at a heavy price: 37 stitches in his head.

"I wasn't happy defending the title, least of all in a Last Ride Match against Undertaker," recalls Bradshaw. "My trepidation came to fruition during the match when I was Tombstoned onto the stairs, thrown through a table and basically torn apart by Undertaker."

When asked if he had any advice for Mr. Kennedy, the current SmackDown color commentator and self-proclaimed wrestling god said, "Run. There is no way to prepare. You're going to get hurt and you're not going to come out the same. Winning is a bonus, survival is the key thing," he continued. "This is a chance for [Kennedy] to step up to a level that very few people have stepped up to. To match skills with Undertaker is something even fewer have done. You get wins against Undertaker, you don't beat him. As much as Kennedy is SmackDown's fastest rising Superstar, this is a career defining moment and he needs to step up."

On Sunday, tune in to Armageddon live on pay-per-view to see if Mr. Kennedy is up for the challenge.


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