Main Event

Goldberg vs. Triple H vs. Kane in a No Disqualification Triple Treat for the World Heavyweight Championship

Ever since Goldberg won the World Heavyweight Championship from Triple H at Unforgiven, the rivalry between the two Superstars had been heating up. At Survivor Series, Triple H tried to regain the title with a little help from his fellow members of Evolution: Ric Flair, Randy Orton and Batista. However, Goldberg took them out with a sledgehammer and speared Triple H to remain champ.

In the weeks following Survivor Series, the hunt for Goldberg's gold began to grow. Not only did he have to watch out for Triple H and the Evolution crew, but Kane also wanted a chance at the World Heavyweight Championship. General Manager Eric Bischoff decided the men would settle the score in a No Disqualification Triple Threat Match at Armageddon. While Goldberg showed why he was the champion by holding his own against both Kane and Triple H, he could not overcome Evolution's interference in the match.

When the men met at Armageddon, Goldberg was at a huge disadvantage with Triple H and Kane teamed up against him. Nevertheless, it was not long before the challengers' greed and distrust got the best of them. First, Triple H tried to steal a pinfall over Goldberg from Kane. Then Triple H "accidentally" missed Goldberg and hit Kane in the head with a chair. The two were able to keep their alliance long enough for Kane to chokeslam Goldberg onto the Spanish Announcers' Table. Triple H followed up with an elbow, sending Goldberg through the table to the floor. The solidarity didn't last long though as The Game attacked Kane from behind while Goldberg lay incapacitated. Kane left the champ to go after Triple H and The Big Red Monster unleashed his fury; beating him out of the ring and up the entrance ramp before chokeslamming him on the unforgiving steel.

Kane dragged Triple H back into the ring for the pinfall, but Goldberg emerged and speared them both. With Triple H and Kane both laid out, it looked like Goldberg was unstoppable. However, Triple H's crew, Evolution, was determined to see their leader win gold that night, and rushed to the ring. Even though Goldberg fought them off, the distraction allowed Kane and Triple H to double-team him one last time.

Kane gave Goldberg a final debilitating chokeslam, but Batista pulled the Big Red Monster out of the ring before he could claim his victory. Instead, Triple H rolled over onto the champ and got the one-two-three for the win.

An infuriated Kane clutched his head and screamed from the ring while Goldberg laid where he fell, out cold. Evolution celebrated at the top of the entrance ramp with their freshly won gold. Earlier in the night, Flair and Batista won the World Tag Team Championship and Orton won the Intercontinental Championship, and Triple H's eighth World Heavyweight Championship capped off the team's Armageddon sweep.

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