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Just moments after their match against MNM at Armageddon, Psicosis & Super Crazy sat down with to talk about the WWE Tag Team Championship and more. What teams on SmackDown do you believe are in the running for the WWE Tag Team Championship?

Psicosis: First of all, me and Crazy, then MNM and of course champs Batista and Rey Rey. We're working hard and pretty soon we'll get the chance against the champions. What is the difference in tag team wrestling in WWE and in Mexico?

Psicosis: Well, here it's usually one fall in the tag-team matches, which hurt us tonight. In Mexico it is usually three falls. Also, there are such great, great teams and Superstars in WWE.

Super Crazy: WWE fans are really, really exciting, so I love WWE. When I came here in WWE, this is my dream, this is my dream to get to WWE. So, now I'm very happy, although we would have liked to win tonight. But being in WWE  makes me and my family -- son and daughter -- very happy. Is Melina a distraction at ringside?

Super Crazy: Yeah, if not for her, maybe we would have won tonight. We tried to take it to MNM on our way to the championship, but maybe we'll get to "take it" to Melina tonight instead, with the way she's been lately with Batista.

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