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Immediately after defeating Matt Hardy at Armageddon, JBL sat down with WWE.com to talk about the match and much more.

WWE.com: Congratulations on your win tonight.

JBL: Thanks, but no congratulations are necessary. Me winning tonight was just a forgone conclusion.

WWE.com: Over the last few weeks, you've been nagged with injuries, what special preparations did you make to gut it out tonight?

JBL: I don't have to make any special preparations. I've always gutted everything out. I'm the guy who been in the bloodiest matches in WWE history. I'm smart. I save myself for the pay-per-view, and honestly, I'm probably at 30 percent right now. But I'm simply that good.

WWE.com: What are your thoughts on Howard Stern's move to Satellite Radio and how does Howard compare to a media maven like you?

JBL: Howard can go wherever he wants — terrestrial or satellite. It's not a competition for me and never has been. I am absolutely being a media maven of all media. There's not one medium that I've not conquered.

WWE.com: With the Royal Rumble around the corner, what will it take for JBL to win?

JBL: Just me being in it. That's a stupid question. What you should ask is how will the other 29 people beat me, because they can't.

WWE.com: Do you feel differently now about Matt Hardy after your match?

JBL: No. I have nothing for or against Matt Hardy; he just came along at the wrong generation, which was mine. Matt's a great Superstar, but I'm better. It's not just Matt, it's all the SmackDown Superstars. Matt did good to just be in the ring with me, but I'm the greatest of all time.

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