MJ Jenkins

MJ Jenkins

Height: 5’6”
Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y.
Style: Hybrid
Twitter: @realmjjenkins_

A protégé of WWE Hall of Famers Johnny Rodz, MJ Jenkins had plenty of world-class training even before joining the WWE Performance Center earlier this summer. With a spring-loaded offense that kept foes from New England to the Dominican Republic on their heels, Jenkins ascended the ranks of the independent scene en route to earning her WWE contract.

The Brooklyn native knows how to get the job done when the bell rings, and the glitzy competitor’s universally feared Gory Neckbreaker is one of the most debilitating moves in the tournament. To be blunt, Jenkins is good, and she knows it. Or, as Jenkins likes to say: “My style is unique and my skills are on fleek.”

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