Drew Gulak

Drew Gulak

Height: 6’
Weight: 193 lbs.
Representing: United States of America
Style: Technical, submission
Signature Move: Dragon Sleeper

Drew Gulak is every bit as hard-nosed as the city he hails from, Philadelphia. A minimalist mutilator, what Gulak lacks in frills like kneepads or elbow pads he offsets with a completist’s arsenal of submission holds and suplexes, not to mention a lariat that can rip heads from shoulders.

Being raised in Philly did more than toughen up Gulak; it also exposed the self-described “student of the game” to one of the world’s top wrestling hotbeds at a young age. Now an 11-year veteran of the sport, the no-nonsense throwback has emerged as one of America’s top independent grapplers, having competed on both coasts as well as internationally.

A co-holder of the EVOLVE Tag Team Titles, not to mention winner of EVOLVE’s 2013 Style Battle Tournament and a former Combat Zone Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, Gulak qualified for the Cruiserweight Classic by defeating Tracy Williams at EVOLVE 61.

See Cruiserweight Classic competitor Drew Gulak in action

Watch highlights of Drew Gulak in action. Drew Gulak will take part in the Cruiserweight Classic, premiering Wednesday, July 13 at 9/8 C, only on WWE Network.

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