'Rockpocalypse' game gets bigger, badder, better with new updates

'Rockpocalypse' game gets bigger, badder, better with new updates

In "Rockpocalypse," you've gone to battle as The Rock to stop a mysterious contagion from taking over Hollywood and laid the smackdown on the unruly hordes across the movie studio lot.

Now, an electrifying update is available for the FREE 3D combat game that will give you an even more powerful arsenal to take down your opponents, plus immersive new levels to explore.

With numerous fresh weapons and accessories, you'll turn The Brahma Bull into a more dangerous fighting machine as you go to war against new enemy types hell-bent on destruction. And you can take the hard-hitting brawls out into uncharted territories with two different environments that take you off the movie studio lot.

Feeling run down? Pie won't be the only item to satisfy The Great One's growing hunger. New Thunder Cookies will help you power up your game and surprise your ravenous enemies. Munch and punch your way to victory as The People's Champion recharges for those extra-tough showdowns.

With new weapons, new levels and new power-ups, there's more variety and intensity than ever before. If you haven't played "Rockpocalypse" yet, there's never been a better time to get in the action. If you're already a player, you'll take The Rock to unprecedented heights as a one-man wrecking crew. Download "Rockpocalypse" for FREE on iPhone®, iPad® and all your favorite Android devices today!


'Rockpocalypse' game gets bigger, badder, better with new updates

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