Xavier Woods' E3 Blog: Day One

Xavier Woods' E3 Blog: Day One

Day one of E3!

So it’s finally that time of year that all of us gamers have been waiting for…E FREAKING 3! There are so many amazing things that have already been announced and tons of sick trailers that have been seen. But if I am being completely honest with all of you, there is one thing so far that is locked in the top spot for me …

“Final Fantasy 7” remake!!!!!

Sony announced that they are remaking “Final Fantasy 7”! All of my 11:11 prayers have finally been answered. “Final Fantasy 7” is one of the greatest games of all time and we have been foaming at the mouth for some sort of story involving Midgar, Cloud, Barrett, and Materia. AND TONBERRYS! THINK OF THE NEXT GEN TONBERRYS!!!! Now if we hear of a next gen Earthbound then I will probably flunk out of school (joking, kids — you gotta stay responsible).

Now that that’s out of the way … for those of you who don’t know how E3 works, I’ll explain. There are a ton of press conferences where companies get time to explain what they are working on. This is where everyone in the room and those watching online start freaking out and our entire community comes together to rejoice. Honestly, it’s one of the best times of the year. The press conferences that have occurred have already given us a look at some amazing games that are coming down the pipe.

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- “World of Final Fantasy” — Square Enix (one of my favorite game companies, no bias … ) is dropping a new “Final Fantasy” game called “World of Final Fantasy.” It looks like a “Super Kawaii” “Final Fantasy” game. More on the playful side, possibly since the 7 remake is dropping they wanted something kind of lighthearted in there as well?

- “Hitman” — Fans of the “Hitman” franchise will be happy to know that a new installment is coming and it’s titled “Hitman.” Keeping that name niiiice and simple — It has nothing to do with Bret, haha.

- Naughty Dog released a new trailer for the new “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.”

- “Street Fighter V” — (My jam) Got a new trailer and we got to see that Cammy and Birdie are in!

- “Destiny” — The newest “Destiny” expansion ("The Taken King") was announced with a sweet new trailer.

- “Assassins Creed Syndicate” — Showed off gameplay of Evie Frye, twin sister of Jacob, and she’s killing people left and right. Don’t mess with Evie …

- “Batman: Arkham Knight” — :drools all over shirt: — We got to see more of the game, but it’s never enough! IT’S BATMAN SO IT WAS GOOD!

- Also … there was an announcement that a Kickstarter was launched for “Shenmue 3.” Well I thought that I was going to be able to pay rent this month … but I guess not. TAKE ALL OF MY MONEY!

- “Horizon: Zero Dawn” — So, it’s like Vikings versus robot dinosaurs set to epic music. Like a futuristic “Turok?”

- "Star Wars: Battlefront” had some amazing looking gameplay footage of the multiplayer experience. It looks as if you’ll be able to play through iconic battles from the “Star Wars” universe.

- “Dreams” — Starting off it reminded me of “Spark,” but then it gets way more intense. Possibly Playstation’s answer to “Spark?”

- “The Last Guardian” — It reminds me of “Shadow of the Colossus.” An in-depth puzzle game with unique challenges that make you think harder than most games.

- “Firewatch” — A comedic first person game set in the wilderness.

- “Call of Duty: Black Ops 3” — C-O-D, you already know.

- “Disney Infinity 3.0”

- Playstation Vue — TV service where you can just get the channels that you want.

- "Project Morpheus” — Virtual reality multiplayer. Has the potential to be pretty cool.


- “HoloLens” — This looks like the most incredible thing to ever hit video games. I cannot explain it any other way, just watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgakdcEzVwg

- “FALLOUT 4(!!!!)”— Even though I was beyond upset that my “Fallout: New Vegas” save deleted itself when I was 54 hours deep, “Fallout” is still one of my favorite franchises. One of the coolest things about this game on XBOX One is that the PC mods are going to be transferrable to the XBOX. WHAT?! So they are saying that we will get to have ALL of the fun. That’s how I’m choosing to interpret that.

- BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY WITH 360 GAMES?!?! While this should have been the deal from the start, I’m still crazy excited about it. Time to go dust off my copy of “Dead or Alive Xtreme 2,” hell of a game!

- “Gears of War 4” — Scheduled to drop around Christmas time in 2016. I’m so ready for this. “Gears” is one of my favorite shooters. Hooked me with the chainsaw gun, that thing is fire!

- “Halo 5: Guardians” — Had a sweet gameplay video that brought us into the opening sequence of the game. Some of the multiplayer was shown as well. Looks beautiful. I’m still biased to “Unreal Tournament,” but this looks pretty amazing.

- “Sea of Thieves” — Rare, the company that created “Diddy Kong Racing” (hell of a game) announced “Sea Of Thieves.” Pirates. Pirates everywhere! Apparently this looks to be a multiplayer pirate game. Now I’m curious to see if ninjas will also be involved as well in order to live out the everlasting feud!

- “Rise of the Tomb Raider” — Set to be released on November 10th2015. Crystal Dynamics explained that in the last game Miss Croft was playing the role of a survivor. In this one she is actively going out and looking for things. She’s raiding tombs on the regular.

- “Dark Souls 3” — Comes of at the beginning of next year. I can’t deal with these games. I got

- “Bloodborne” and all it did was piss me off. Literally zero happiness came from me playing a game that was made in the vein of being difficult for the sake of being difficult. No thank you, sir, but if it’s your jam then you do you! J

- “Forza Motorsport 6” — Releases on September 15 2015.

- “Recore” — A new game from Keiji Inafune, the creator of “Mega Man,” looks interesting.

- “Fable Legends” — Will be on the shelves in time to be a Christmas present this year!

- Xbox Game Preview — From what I understand, this allows users to demo games that are still in development and then decide if they would like to essentially invest in the development of the game by buying it. Pretty sweet, sounds kind-of-like a Kickstarter spinoff for Xbox games.

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- “South Park: Fractured But Whole” — The sequel to “Stick of Truth,” which was a fantastic and hilarious game.

- “For Honor” — Ok, this looks like an updated badass version of “Dynasty Warriors.” I may or may not have a slight obsession with that franchise so I’m kind of excited to see how this turns out.

Electronic Arts:

- “Mass Effect Andromeda” — If you like good games, then that means that you like “Mass Effect,” which in turn means that you’re as excited for this as I am. Looks like you go to some sort of desert planet and then engage in fisticuffs with the locals per usual.

- All the sports games — NFL, FIFA, NBA Live, NHL.

- A “Star Wars” CCG called “Galaxy of Heroes” was also announced.

- Gained a bit more information about “Mirrors Edge Catalyst.”

- “Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2”

- "Need for Speed” — Releases November 3rd, 2015. I love these games and this one looks like it’s going to have the best features from the previous Need for Speed games all rolled into one.

Alright guys. It’s 6 a.m. and I’m finally done typing this up. That was day one of E3 and there’s more news to come as the week continues! I’ll be following along and letting you guys know exactly what’s going on. Wednesday and Thursday, I’ll be on the floor doing some interviews and probably Periscoping a bit so you can get some first look info.

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