Xavier Woods' E3 Blog: Day Two

Xavier Woods' E3 Blog: Day Two

E3: Day two

Day two of E3 for me was just as exciting as day one, if not even more so. The main parts of day two were the press conferences that were held by Square Enix and Nintendo. Both went into some games that had already been publicized, and also showed some games that had not yet been announced. So let’s get into it!

Square Enix:

- “Just Cause 3” – They showed off the open world that is not only huge, but beautiful. Also, there is a physics system that allows for the destruction of buildings and other destructible things in the environment to be different each time it’s done. There are tons of new weapons and the parachute is now a much more viable way to attack while falling with style. Explosions, guns and stopping a tyrant from taking over the world. Sounds like a winner to me.

- “Final Fantasy VII” remake – It was shown again and it was just as amazing as it was the day before. Also, they acknowledged that the PC port that is coming to PS4 will be delayed until the winter of this year. And a version will be released for iOS. I’ve already got it on every other platform and now it looks like I’ll have it on my phone as well …

- “World of Final Fantasy” – Will be releasing on PS4 & PS Vita sometime in 2016.

- “Final Fantasy” Portable App – We didn’t really get any info besides that this is going to exist at some point.

- “NieR” – This is a sequel and not much was shown in the trailer except that it looks nice. It’s being made by Platinum Games (“Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance”) and has a pretty stout team of people in line to make sure it’s a hit. The promising team of Yosuke Saito (“Dragon Quest X”) and Taro Yoko (“Drakengard”) hit the stage to talk about it. Taro, who walked out with a super creepy mask on (like Deadmau5 size. Like, this thing was real big and real weird) pretty much said, “Well, we are good at what we do and you know this, so we don’t really need to talk about the game. Just buy it when it comes out.” At least that’s what it sounded like to me, haha.

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- “Kingdom Hearts III” – There was new gameplay footage that showed new, vibrant environments and some pretty interesting-looking attacks from Sora and the crew. I happened to be watching this part in the car with Big E and Kofi. E was confused as to why we’re screaming so loud. Then, after we quickly explained to him that “Kingdom Hearts” was essentially a Disney storybook smashed together with an amazing Japanese role-playing game, he nodded his head in approval. Even non-gamers can appreciate!

- “Kingdom Hearts Unchained Key” – A North American release was announced.

- “Rise of the Tomb Raider” – We got a behind-the-scenes look at the type of detail that was taken with character design and a cinematic trailer.

- “Tomb Raider Go” – Essentially “Hitman GO,” but Tomb Raider.

- “Hitman” – A gameplay trailer was shown that went into information about assassination contracts. Saw someone getting poisoned at dinner and someone else getting a swirly for way too long. Kind of intense. Scheduled for release on December 8.

- “Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness” – This title will be released in North America and Europe in 2016. Considering that this is exclusive to PS4, I would assume that they are going to beef it up as much as possible.

- “Project Setsuna” – Tokyo RPG Factory, a new studio, was said to be committed to creating a new RPG. We didn’t get any info about the game besides that it was being made and will release in 2016.

- “Deus Ex: Mankind Divided” – This sequel is set to release in the early months of 2016.


First off, they had a super unique way of starting off their press conference. There were hilarious muppets that turned into the squad members of the Star Fox team…

- “Star Fox Zero” – Got an inside look at some of the features, such as the cockpit view, and being able to transform the plane into a walker (looks like a tiny mech). It will be available this holiday season.

- “Metroid Prime: Federation Force” – Announced for the 3DS and touts a four-player co-op mode.

- “Super Mario Maker” – A game in which one can build and upload their created Mario stages for the world to play. To me, it has a “Little Big Planet” kind of feel as far as level-building goes. It’s set to release on September 11 of this year.

- “Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam” – This is a mix of the “Paper Mario” games and the “Mario & Luigi” games. Having the great aspects of these games combined should result in a solid RPG experience.

- “Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash” – This is “Mario Tennis” for the Wii U. It includes the gameplay that fans of the franchise love, but now they will be able to experience it in HD.

- "Fire Emblem: Fates" – A new installment in the Fire Emblem series.

- “Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer” – “Animal Crossing” being as “Kawaii” as possible as usual.

- “Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival” – An “Animal Crossing”-themed board game. In order to play, users will need an Amiibo. Looks very “Mario Party”-ish.

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- “Yoshi’s Wooly World” – Yoshi’s new game that also has Amiibo support.

- “Hyrule Warriors Legends” – 3DS port of the Wii U hit, “Hyrule Warriors,” that is scheduled to release in early 2016. There are a few new characters and a couple of new stages.

- “The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes” – It’s “Zelda,” so it’s good. Cool thing about this one is that there is a multiplayer function where up to four people can play. Just like in its predecessor ("Four Swords"), this looks like it will be a great co-op that you can play with your friends.

- “Xenoblade Chronicles X” – A North American release was announced for December 5, 2015.

- “Yo-Kai Watch” – From the trailer it looks like a team “Pokemon” RPG.

- “Skylanders SuperChargers” – There will be two new Amiibo released (Hammer Slam Bowser with his Clown Cruise vehicle and Turbo Charge Donkey Kong with his Barrel Blaster vehicle). They will both come with a feature that allows them to be used either as Amiibo or as a Skylander as well.

Alright guys. I’m literally on an airplane finishing typing this up right now. I’m on my way to Los Angeles to get you all more in-depth and live news on E3. I’ll be tweeting out info and Periscoping as well, so follow me on both, @XavierWoodsPhD, to get the latest information on what’s happening at E3. Last but not least, make sure you check out my YouTube gaming channel that just recently launched. It’s called UpUpDownDown. Check it out and subscribe if you like what you see! 

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