'Anything Can Happen'

Persistence pays, just ask Orange County rockers Zebrahead. The group, which describes their unique sound as being a mix of punk rock and rap, has been attempting to work with WWE for some time. Ali and Greg, respectively the lead vocalist and guitarist of Zebrahead, chatted with WWE.com on Tuesday and discussed their road to the new WWE album, Wreckless Intent.

On the new CD, which is in stores now, the group performed "With Legs Like That" for RAW Diva Maria, but this was not the first time that Zebrahead has attempted to work for WWE. As Greg explains, Zebrahead was once tapped to perform a song for a different RAW Superstar. "A couple of years ago, we were going to do a song for Edge, but unfortunately it didn't work out. We really wanted to work with WWE so we kept a good relationship with the company, and when Wreckless Intent came about, they gave us a call and asked us to write a song."

The band was particularly excited when they found out they would be doing a track for Maria. Ali explained, "Doing a song for Maria was cool because it meant we got to write something fun. Also, Maria is drop dead gorgeous, so that helps," Next time, Zebrahead wants to do a song for a certain ‘evil' RAW Superstar. "If we get to work with WWE again, it would be cool to do a song for Kane."

For the guys of Zebrahead, the choice to work with WWE was not a difficult one. Both Ali and Greg consider themselves to be big WWE fans. Greg watches RAW and SmackDown on a weekly basis, and is very opinionated when it comes to his favorite Superstars. "I'm definitely a Triple H fan. I like how he's not afraid to break the rules or get in somebody's face. The same goes for both Kane and Kurt Angle. The one guy I really don't like however is JBL. He doesn't seem like a guy you should trust."

Ali, the group's lead singer, was a big WWE fan as a youngster, and even to this day, he and his friends host parties for the pay-per-views. The Zebrahead front man lists a mix of today's current stars and Hall of Famers as his favorites. "Of course, I always liked guys like Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Rowdy Roddy Piper and British Bulldog. Of the current guys, I really like The Game and The Rock."

Zebrahead had a chance to see some of their favorite WWE Superstars in person when they attended RAW in Anaheim just a few weeks ago. For Ali, the experience was refreshing. "I couldn't believe how involved the show is with the fans. It was so loud and so packed. I was very impressed. Being their live, you feel like you're part of the match. I found myself getting involved in a lot of them."

Greg, who has been to several WWE shows over the years, was reminded of just how physical the WWE action can be. "Being there live and seeing everything up close, you realize how bad these guys beat the crap out of each other. When guys were getting hit, I was just thinking, ‘man that's got to hurt'."

After attending RAW, Ali and Greg were in agreement as to the similarities between a Zebrahead concert and a WWE show. As Ali told us first, "Both shows are full of energy. The crowds are loud and very involved" Greg was in agreement, "At both shows you get a lot of action, and it's very fast paced. The main thing though, is that at both shows, you're going to have a lot of fun, and you never know what to expect."

All songs from Wreckless Intent are available for download from WWE.com: Tracks - Video Preview

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