A Shocking Return

Silkk the Shocker is back once again on the WWE music scene with his new track "I'm comin.'" His latest piece is just one of many killer new themes and songs on the upcoming release of WWE's Wreckless Intent CD, which drops on May 23.

Silkk made his "debut" with WWE when he did Orlando Jordan's theme song, "Do it big." The hip-hop star's follow up recording, however, is a custom piece that Silkk did specifically for the album. "My boy played me the track, and I felt it out. I went off the beat and just free styled. I wanted to do something that would coincide with WWE, but at the same time I wanted the track to be able to stand on its own," said Silkk in a recent interview with WWE.com.

Having been a fan since the days of Andre the Giant, and being one now in the era of John Cena, Silkk was thrilled to begin working with WWE on a musical level. So with one theme song and one custom track already on his resume, what's next for Silkk? "I like John Cena, I like what he do. He's definitely someone I'd like to work with," Silkk mentioned. "I think he made a good transition with wrestling and rap. I do consider him to be in the rap game because most people just try music to do it, but I think he really has a passion for it. That's going to help him a lot in the rap game, a lot of people are just like ‘oh I got all these fans so they'll buy the album and whatnot.'" As they say in the game, real recognize real, and Cena has been recognized for having a passion for hip-hop and being able to bring something different to the table.

Silkk is definitely qualified to recognize what's what in hip-hop, as he's been in the game for 13 years now, having been featured on albums starting at age 12.

Wreckless Intent isn't the only new release for Silkk. His new album, Poor Little Rich Boy will hit stores by the end of the year, in addition to several other upcoming projects ranging from television and movies to his new clothing line.

While he's got a lot going on, Silkk made it known that he'll always be down with WWE. "I'm going to be here doing my thing, and I definitely support WWE who's doing their thing." Who knows what Silkk will shock us with next? Is a John Cena -- Silkk the Shocker collaboration far off?

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