Wreckless Intent and RVD attract positive energy

Just moments after leveling WWE Champion John Cena with a Van Daminator on RAW in Las Vegas, Mr. Money in the Bank Rob Van Dam was at Best Buy ready to greet hundreds of his adoring fans at an autograph signing for the new Wreckless Intent CD.

The band Shadows Fall recorded "Fury of the Storm" for the CD, and RVD said that he's very excited about his new song, but he was even more excited to greet his fans at the autograph signing.

"There were hundreds of people lined up before the signing even began," said RVD. "But that's no surprise because RVD always draws that kind of crowd. It's great because I need their energy."

Especially while RVD was out with a serious knee injury, he has been making several public appearances. According to Mr. Money in the Bank, he has loved every second of it.

"I've been all over the country and all over the world meeting all of my fans. It's a big priority for me. It's all about the energy I get from the fans, and it's been great because it's all positive," said RVD. "I even have parents come up to me and tell me that their two-month old child is doing the RVD thumbs (pointing to themselves). I know they're lying because there's no way two-month olds are doing the RVD thumbs, but it's all positive intent."

After hearing RVD's new song by Shadows Fall, there's no doubt that the fans will be bringing forth even more positive energy for their favorite Superstar.

"I tried to capture what RVD means to me," said Brian Fair of Shadows Fall. "He always seems like he's at peace and a calm guy, but when it's time to throw down, there's no one more brutal or intense than RVD."


All songs from Wreckless Intent are available for download from WWE.com:
Tracks - Video Preview

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