Brand New Sin goes acoustic

Syracuse, New York based rock band, Brand New Sin, dropped by to unveil the acoustic version of their song, “Crank It Up,” from the WWE: Wreckless Intent album. The acoustic version may surprise Brand New Sin’s core fan base. Gone is the hybrid sound of metal-rock fused with a touch of emo, hardcore, and sneering guitar riffs. In are the tambourines, a mellower beat, and the confidence of lead vocalist Joe Altier’s voice that comes out polished enough on the acoustic version that would make the Honky Tonk Man shake his hips.

“We were able to show a different side to our fans,” said Altier. “We stripped the song down and played it bluesier this time.” It’s that, he said, that’s the testament of a good song—the ability for a song to stand alone with few instruments, the lyrics, and the vocals.

Rhythm guitarist Kenny Dunham agrees with his band mate. “I like the power, the ‘in your face’ of the electric version. The acoustic is a more laid-back.” Diverting from their norm by going cordless wasn’t something that came easy to Brand New Sin, but they branched out to separate themselves from the boilerplate bands that flood the airwaves. “Acoustic is not as natural, not really our thing,” said Dunham. “We’re more plug in a rock out.” Noting they had to tune their guitars down and switch the bridge to make “Crank It Up” work acoustically.

Altier believes the electric version captures the emotional intensity of the lumbering strut and overpowering presence of Big Show’s character, while the acoustic version adds some flavor and more freedom with the vocals. Still, he thinks both versions possess the energy the song requires. “When I sing ‘Hold you up above me and plant you in the ground’ you can see Big Show getting ready to chokeslam someone.”

As far as being given the task to rework the Big Show’s theme? “Watching him enter to our song for the first time had all five of us all jumping around like giddy five-year olds,” said Altier.

However, the response from Brand New Sin’s message board has been positive, and Altier said the band was grateful to have the opportunity to add a track to Wreckless Intent. “It’s been a great opportunity, and it’s going to take us from a Syracuse bar-band and take us to the next level so hopefully I never have to work a day job again,” Altier added. 

The new version of “Crank It Up” can be found exclusively on later in the week, and be sure to hear the electric version available on WWE: Wreckless Intent. For more information on Brand New Sin, head to

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