Saliva goes Extreme

Saliva goes Extreme

The hard-hitting tunes of Saliva are something our fans are certainly accustomed to. Most recently, "Ladies and Gentlemen" became a runaway hit thanks in part to WrestleMania 23. Each week on SmackDown, Saliva's "I Walk Alone" blasts through speakers around the world as Batista enters the ring. Now, every Tuesday night, "Don't Question My Heart" rocks ECW audiences everywhere as the show's extreme new theme song.

"We wanted to write something dynamic and something that had a lot booms, a lot of explosive lyrics and heavy dynamics in it, especially for wrestling and professional sports," said Saliva frontman Josey Scott.

"Don't Question My Heart" is one of 17 tracks featured on WWE: The Music, Vol. 8, which will be released on March 25. Other songs on the album include Jeff Hardy's new theme, "No More Words," by EndeverafteR; Mr. McMahon's "No Chance in Hell," by Theory of a Deadman; and Mr. Kennedy's song, "Turn Up the Trouble," by Airbourne, who also provided the 2008 Royal Rumble theme, "Stand Up for Rock ‘N' Roll."

Ever since Saliva's hit, "Click Click Boom," served as No Mercy's catchy theme, the partnership between WWE and the band has become even more fulfilling for both parties.

"We're getting a lot of feedback for it from our fans. We're getting a lot of publicity for it," Scott explained. "It's always been a good marriage between the WWE and Saliva. We've just always relished being involved with something that we've been fans of since we were kids."

Scott said the band is eager to provide additional theme music for WWE. Triple H and Mr. McMahon top Scott's wish list of who he'd like to record for next.

"Mr. McMahon is a self-made man, he's made of money, and I admire that in him. I came from nothing," Scott revealed. "In Memphis, Tenn., I was a high school dropout and I made something of myself, and I was only equipped with one thing, and that was the unquenchable determination of wanting to be rich and famous, and I'm definitely well on my way."

Along with Scott, Saliva's other members -- lead guitarist Wayne Swinny, bassist Dave Novotny, drummer Paul Crosby and guitarist Jonathan Montoya -- are presently on an American tour with Drowning Pool, which has been a huge success for both bands.

"It's been sold out, man! It's been a sold out tour. We're doing another sold out show here tonight in Fayetteville, N.C., and every night has been sold out. It's been a crazy tour," Scott said excitedly.

"Those guys [Drowning Pool] are really good friends of ours, and we actually played with them for the first time at WrestleMania X8 in Toronto," Scott continued. "That was the beginning of our relationship with them. So it kind of goes hand in hand with the WWE."

This spring Saliva plans to return to the recording studio to provide just what their fans have been waiting for -- some new tunes.

"We're going to go in the studio probably around May and record our next record. It's called Monster, and if you like "Ladies and Gentlemen" and "Click Click Boom," and more dynamic stuff, it's going to be an ass-whooping of a record. It's going to be 45 minutes of ass-whooping!" Scott exclaimed.

Finally, Scott wanted to offer his thanks, again, to our faithful WWE fans who have been standing behind Saliva for many years.

"I just love the fans, and appreciate their respect and support. I look forward to meeting up with them again."

Listen to a clip of "Don't Question My Heart."

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