Ashley rocks out with wiL from Aiden

Ashley rocks out with wiL from Aiden

Every Diva needs a theme song that's sexy, sassy and one that's uniquely her own. As for Ashley, our fans know she demands a really rockin' tune. The Raw Diva is especially excited for the new "Let's Light a Fire Tonight," because her friends in the band Aiden recorded it for her. The song is featured on the Wal-Mart exclusive version of WWE: The Music, Vol. 8, which is in stores now. In the latest Superstar to Superstar, Ashley thanks Aiden's frontman and friend, wiL Francis, for recording the track.

Ashley: wiL?

wiL: Oh my God!

Ashley: How weird is this?

wiL: So weird!

Ashley: How crazy! When I found out you guys were recording my theme song, I was like, Aiden! Aiden! … No way! How are you?

wiL: You were like, wait a minute, don't I know those guys?!

Ashley: Yeah, I'm pretty sure that I know them. (laughs)

wiL: Yo, did you hear the song?

Ashley: "Let's Light a Fire Tonight"?

wiL: Yeah.

Ashley: It's awesome!

wiL: It's so awesome!

Ashley: So "Let's Light a Fire Tonight"… Tell me all about it.

wiL: "Let's Light A Fire Tonight" … Well some other band was doing it and it definitely wasn't you.

Ashley: That's amazing, 'cause you know how long I've been asking to have you guys do my theme music.

wiL: Yeah, I know. So I did it. I was home for like two weeks and I have a studio up in Washington.

Ashley: Is your studio in Seattle?

wiL: Yeah, its north of Seattle in Mount Vernon. … So yeah, I just busted it out, all me.

Ashley: I am so excited. This is the best thing that ever happened!

wiL: Yeah, dude, I'm stoked.

Ashley: That is so rad. I'm so excited, that's awesome. So why do you think it's a good fit for me?

wiL: Well it's a good fit for you, because it rocks. It's going to rock the house when you turn off all the lights and come out to it.

Ashley: It's going to be awesome. I can't wait. I can't wait for the Vol. 8 album to come out!

wiL: I don't know of any theme song that rocks harder than "Let's Light a Fire Tonight."

Ashley: Yes! Oh I can't wait… Oh I'm so happy. Thank you so much for doing it.

wiL: Thank you for letting me. It's awesome.

Ashley: So why will this song pump up our fans when I enter the area?

wiL: Because it rocks!

Ashley: Heck yeah, it does. And how about what's going on with the band lately? What's next for you guys?

wiL: What's next? Well we put out Conviction in 2007.

Ashley: I know, I liked "Teenage Queen" and there are so many. Aiden is my favorite band.

wiL: Oh rad! Awesome.

Ashley: It is. It has been since I met you, since I met you in that little old diner.

wiL: That little diner in Long Island.

Ashley: That little diner in Loooong Island. (laughs) … So, Conviction, you're done with Conviction and now what's next?

wiL: Well, we're on a tour now called "World By Storm."

Ashley: World… By… Storm! I love all of your shows. It's just so much fun, so much fun.

wiL: We did Taste of Chaos last fall right after the record came out.

Ashley: Yeah, I went to a Taste of Chaos in Ohio when I saw you guys.

wiL: Yeah, you came out to the Ohio show. We did the Taste of Chaos International, We went to Australia and Japan, Europe and Mexico. Yeah, it was dope.

Ashley: Awesome. So you going to hook me up with tickets or what?

wiL: Yeah, dude. Whatever you want, man.

Ashley: To Austin, you know I got to go.

wiL: Consider it done.

Ashley: Sweet.

wiL: Well if you want to bring anybody, I'll put you on for you plus one or two or whatever you want.

Ashley: OK, cool. My brother might come.

wiL: Cool, I remember him.

Ashley: Oh, I have one more question. Do you have any messages for the WWE fans who will hear my new theme music every week on Raw?

wiL: Yeah, well it's a pretty good rendition of a song done in the classic '80s sense. If you want to know more about Aiden, check us out on the Internet at, and come out to our shows and get your ass kicked.

Ashley: Yeah, seriously guys, you do not want to miss this show, it's awesome. I cannot believe that I'm doing an interview with you right now! Like that's crazy. Like I am through the roof, I am! I can't believe it. That is so rad. Thanks man, I really, really appreciate that you're doing it. I'm so stoked.

wiL: For sure.

Ashley: So I'll be seeing you soon huh?

wiL: Yeah, like five days I think we're there on tour, in Austin.

Ashley: Five days, I'll be there. … So everybody look out for Aiden's new theme song for Ashley, "Let's Light a Fire Tonight," because I'm sure it's going to kick you-know-what.

wiL:  Kick some butt.

Ashley: Yeah, hit me up and I'll come down to that show in Austin.

wiL: Can't wait to see you there!

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