MGK: ROCK ’n’ Rap ’n’ Wrestling — Invincible!


MGK: ROCK ’n’ Rap ’n’ Wrestling — Invincible!

Bad Boy Records' newest recruit, Machine Gun Kelly, sounds off about John Cena, his dream tag team matchup, and why he is “so Cleveland” in the upcoming April 2012 edition of "WWE Magazine."

What were your first thoughts when you found out that WWE wanted to use your song “Invincible” for WrestleMania XXVIII?
I used to watch WWE when I was little, so hearing that was just crazy for me. I was excited that someone was going to be kickin’ ass to my song! (Get "Invincible" on iTunes)

Not just anyone, but John Cena. Why do you think The Chain Gang Commander is a good representative for “Invincible”?
Like me, I consider John Cena to be an underdog; The Rock is like this flashy Hollywood guy. You can’t give him a song like “Invincible” because no one would believe it. John Cena is all about being loyal to the fans, and so am I. I just dig him as a person. I saw the video they made, and the whole thing was intense. I loved all of it.

So, since “Invincible” is already taken, which other Machine Gun Kelly song would you want to make your WWE entrance to?
“Wild Boy.” It’s a song that didn’t quite catch on at first, but at around the third week, it just caught fire. Just like me.

OK, so imagine “Wild Boy” is blaring through the arena speakers, describe how you would make your WWE debut...
There’s this strange connection between midgets and me. I don’t know exactly what it is, but they come to my shows and are always going the hardest out of everyone. So I’m thinking a gang of midgets coming out with me, just knockin’ out everyone they see. Then I come out on a trained rhinoceros. How’s that for something that’s never been done before?!?

What would you call your finishing move?
Mine would be titled, “Call The Homies.” Tell them to come and clean up. I’d walk out of the ring and have them handle it. [Laughs.] No tag teams here!

OK, fine—so no tag teams in the ring, but how about on your next album?
Definitely DMX. He’s my idol. He is, to me, what John Cena is to the young fans.

Did you hear that USA Today said you’re now one of the 11 reasons people visit Cleveland? Why do you think that is?
Because I’m so Cleveland. From the outside looking in, I’ve done a lot of stuff for that city. I bring a voice to the lower class, the blue-collar workers. The Flash Mob incident—when we shut down the Southpark Mall—it became international news. I watched a kid with Cerebral Palsy walk at one of my shows. I came up from nothing, but I still bring life to Cleveland. I am Cleveland.

And if you could design your own WWE Championship belt, what would it look like?
It’d have [WWE Hall of Famer] Drew Carey’s face on it—front and center. He’s a Cleveland boy, too.

MGK’s debut album, Lace Up, is due out early 2012! “Invincible” is one of WrestleMania XXVIII’s official theme songs! (Get "Invincible" on iTunes)

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