Striker's music lesson

Striker's music lesson

When the sound of the school bell rips through the arena, ECW fans know they are about to be schooled.

Matt Striker loves his aptly titled entrance theme "Teacher" which is part of available on WWE The Music: Vol. 7 exclusively through iTunes.

"I think the first thing you hear in the song, or what would be called the downbeat for those of you who are musically uneducated, is the sound of the school bell and of course whether you like it or not, it immediately gets your attention."

Striker, a former schoolteacher, has a very specific reaction to that sound.

"Just like when I was teaching in the classroom, when I hear that school bell, I go into teacher mode," Striker said. "When I hear that school bell and I hear the reaction of the ECW fans, it's like Pavlov's dogs, and if you don't know what means, look it up."

However, Striker admitted that others have a much different reaction.

"As soon as that school bell rings, the general reaction is anger and hatred, and I feed off of that," he said. "I want people to feel that, so yes, I do get pumped up as the kids like to say. Excited would be the word I would use."

As with any score, numerous elements make up the piece. Striker went on to break it down for his students.

"There is a touch of the rock and/or roll in there, but what I really like are the little lessons, the little nuggets of love that I bring to my entrance theme," he said. "School is cool/It's not how hard you work/It's how smart you work. And of course my personal favorite, 'I am Matt Striker, your teacher.'"

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