‘Voices: WWE The Music, Vol. 9' available now

‘Voices: WWE The Music, Vol. 9' available now

WWE Universe, get ready for another aural assault! Voices: WWE The Music, Vol. 9 is in stores now! The disc includes these all new entrance themes for some of your favorite WWE Superstars and Divas. (Official microsite | Superstar CD signing | Get it at WWE Shop | Get the mobile ringtones | Get the wallpaper | Play Superstar entrance theme trivia)

1. Randy Orton, "Voices"
2. Maryse, "Pourquoi?"
3. Kane, "Man On Fire"
4. Kung Fu Naki, "Kung Fu San"
5. Kelly Kelly, "Holla"
6. R-Truth, "What's Up?"
7. Vladimir Kozlov, "Pain"
8. The Great Khali, "Land Of Five Rivers"
9. Eve, "She Looks Good"
10. Jack Swagger, "Get On Your Knees"
11. SmackDown theme, "If You Rock Like Me"
12. Umaga, "Tribal Trouble"
13. DiBiase/Rhodes/Manu, "Priceless"

Special guests on Vol. 9 include Rev Theory frontman Rich Luzzi, who sings on the title track, "Voices," the theme song for Raw Superstar Randy Orton; jazz composer Karl "Dice Raw" Jenkins (The Roots), who contributed Kung Fu Naki's entrance theme, "Kung Fu San"; and Panjabi MC who is on The Great Khali's entrance theme, "Land Of Five Rivers." All songs are composed, written and produced by Jim Johnston, who has been WWE's Music Director for more than 20 years. (View artist photos)

A two-disc, deluxe edition of Vol. 9 is available exclusively at Best Buy stores and includes the Legends of WWE CD, featuring these classic entrance themes:

1. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, "I Won't Do What You Tell Me"
2. Ultimate Warrior, "Unstable"
3. Roddy Piper, "Hot Rod"
4. Sgt. Slaughter, "Hard Corps"
5. Hunter Hearst Helmsley, "Blue Blood"
6. Mr. Perfect, "Perfection"
7. Undertaker, "Rest In Peace"
8. Jake "The Snake" Roberts, "Snake Bit"
9. The Rock, "If You Smell...?"

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