Rock & Roll Hall of Famer wants to get in the WWE ring

Rock & Roll Hall of Famer wants to get in the WWE ring recently got in touch with Grandmaster Mele Mel after hearing that the rapper aspires to get in the WWE ring. The legendary, 45-year-old musician will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five Monday. The first rapper to ever call himself "MC" has been training hard and said he's ready for sports-entertainment fame.

"I'd make a good WWE Superstar because I am a hip hop icon and a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer. I'm the world's greatest trash talker," he told

Mele Mel trained at Deep South Wrestling, where he said he learned "it's better to brawl than fall." While John Cena, Bobby Lashley and Ric Flair are his favorite WWE Superstars, it's Shawn Michaels he'd like to get in the ring with.

"He will look good being pinned by a Rock & Roll Hall of Famer," he said.

Mele Mel also said he could have taken both Cena and Kevin Federline during their match earlier this year on Raw.

"I can rap better than John Cena. He will be in shock to be close to someone he idolizes,
 he said. "Kevin Federline is a wannabe. You might as well say I won already!"

The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer recently released an album called Muscles. The album's first single and music video is M3 -- The New Message.

"I am hip hop's most muscular rapper, who coined the word ‘MC,' " he said.

"WWE fans, get ready for Grandmaster Mele Mel, aka Muscle Simmons and the Gun Show. Click Click Bang!"

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