The music of "Legendary"

The music of "Legendary"

WWE Studios' Legendary, starring Patricia Clarkson, Danny Glover and Raw Superstar John Cena, opens on Sept. 10 in a limited theatrical release. The film features a stellar soundtrack with some of today's hottest musicians. The soundtrack is available now on iTunes. Artists featured on the soundtrack are maked with an (*):

Artist: Beta Wolf*
Song: "Undertow"
Album: Beta Wolf EP
Label: Blood Company 
Official Site:
iTunes: Beta Wolf

Artist: Civil Twilight
Song: "Letters From The Sky"
Album: Civil Twilight
Label: Wind-Up Records
Official Site:
iTunes: Civil Twilight

Artist: Colour Academy*
Song: "Through Telescopes"
Album: Through Telescopes
Label: Colour Academy
Official Site:
iTunes: Through Telescopes 

Artist: Flash Lightnin'
Song: "Flash Lightnin'"
Album: Flash Lightnin'
Label: Pheromone Recordings
Official Site:
iTunes: Flash Lightnin'  

Artist: Golden State*
Songs: "We Must Start Again"
Album: Problem Reaction Solution, Vol. 2
Label: Wrong Treats
Official Site:
iTunes: Golden State

Artist: Hail The Villain
Song: "Take Back The Fear"
Album: Population: Declining
Label: Roadrunner Records, Warner Music Canada
Official Site:
iTunes: "Take Back The Fear"

Artist: Shaman's Harvest*
Song: "Dragonfly"
Album: Shine
Label: Tribal Music
Official Site:
iTunes: Shine

Artist: Taddy Porter
Song: "Railroad Queen" & "In The Morning
Album: Taddy Porter
Label: Primary Wave Records
Official Site:
iTunes: Taddy Porter 

Artist: Fit For Rivals*
Song: "Crash"
Album: Steady Damage
Label: Fit For Rivals
Official Site:
iTunes: Steady Damage 

Artist: Politics & Assassins*
Song: "It's Your Last Shot"

 Artists marked with an (*) are featured on the Legendary soundtrack now available on iTunes.


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