'It's Time' focuses Helms

'It's Time' focuses Helms

If you blink, you can miss former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms flying around the ring.

Helms' arsenal of high-impact, quick-strike moves have him consistently at the top of the cruiserweight ranks, and can be a handful for any heavyweight as well.

But as he recently told WWE.com, he's always looking for that extra something in his hunt for champion's gold -- like the burst of energy his theme music gives him.

Helms' new track, titled "It's Time" -- a driving beat fusing rap, metal and hip-hop styles -- is one of 21 original themes on WWE The Music: Vol. 7, available exclusively through the iTunes Music Store

"I like my old theme, but it didn't have the energy … or just that pulse-pounding, get-your-blood-flowing, get-you-ready-to-get-into-action [motivation] that I need to go out [to the ring]," Helms said.

The song's lyrics put opponents on notice: "It's time for revolution/Give you a proper execution/‘Cause you're a broken institution/And I'm a natural evolution."

Helms feels this track gets him focused for his unique brand of ring warfare.

"The theme really pumps me up," Helms said.  "The Gregory Helms mentality, you know, is to go out there and start kickin' ass and taking names. So I need [a song] that portrays that."

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