A 'Hard Hittin'' hit

A 'Hard Hittin'' hit

As Mr. McMahon's Executive Assistant, Jonathan Coachman is often the bearer of bad news for Raw Superstars. Sports-entertainment fans aren't afraid to express themselves, and when Coachman enters an arena he is usually greeted by a chorus of "boos" capable of drowning out his kickin' entrance theme. Since Coachman is uncompromising in the matches he schedules for Raw, he needed an entrance theme to match, and "Hard Hittin'" recorded by Homebwoi was the perfect fit.

"When people hear my entrance theme, they have so many reactions, but most of it is booing," laughs Coachman. "For me, [hearing the song] is a matter of knowing that a big star is about to go out. It's actually very cool to have your own entrance theme." 

Serving as Mr. McMahon's Executive Assistant is not a job for the thin-skinned, but Coachman seems to be able to take it all in stride. His attitude extends to our fans' taunts as well, "I always say that as long as there is a reaction, positive or negative, that's all that matters. People go crazy when I come out because they don't like me very much, and that's cool with me!"     

With the release of WWE: Wreckless Intent exclusively on iTunes, fans can now hear "Hard Hittin'" whenever they want -- just supply your own "boos"!

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