Don't Waste Burke's Time

Don't Waste Burke's Time

There is no denying the importance of a first impression. WWE and ECW Superstars utilize an array of lighting, video, pyrotechnics and other elements to excite the emotions of WWE fans. Perhaps most important for setting the mood and conveying a Superstar's personality is their entrance theme.

One Superstar who feels his entrance theme perfectly sets the stage for him is the captain of the New Breed, Elijah Burke.

"It speaks my mind for me; I don't have to say a word," Burke told "When that music hits, you pretty much know what I mean without me having to say it."

Burke was referring to the lyrics of his music, which are "Don't waste my time/I'm ready to shine/I want my close up, baby/Don't waste my time."

"When I hear that, my energy goes to a new level and 'I want to get funky like a monkey' to quote the American Dream," said Burke. "It's like; Spotlight! Cameras! Action! It's almost like Hollywood, Daddy."

Burke's is one of 21 entrance themes part of WWE The Music: Vol. 7 available exclusively through iTunes.

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