"Mario Sports Mix"

"Mario Sports Mix"

Nintendo: Sports
In Stores: Feb. 7 (Wii)

Mario and his wacky band of Mushroom Kingdom "athletes" return to once more to show that they have game -- or in this case four games -- including basketball, volleyball, hockey and … wait for it … dodgeball!  

High Spots:

  • Sports Mix is all about the personality. In addition to the off-the-wall Mushroom characters that gamers have come to know and love, a whole new brand of characters is unleashed into play -- for a total of 19 in all. Every character is armed with their own unique, special ability that gives the gamer a dramatic advantage when they need it most. Sort of like having Vickie Guerrero in your corner.

  • Who will you chose as your adversary? Sports Mix has both cooperative and versus play. Players can challenge Mario and friends directly by playing as their own Wii characters. Up to four players can play locally or up to two people per console can play online. Translation, if you've ever wanted to spike a volleyball in Donkey Kong's face, now's your chance!

  • Offering games that are both challenging and lighthearted, Sports Mix is the one to choose if you're in the mood for a little fun. The colorful new venues and post-score character celebrations are worth the price alone. Now, all they're missing is the sign guy!

Hard Bumps:

  • As usual, Mario and his friends bring with them the full scope of their outrageous personalities, completely transforming the make-up of all four games. So, if you are looking to play a computerized version of the traditional, gym class games you enjoyed as a kid, you have about as much luck as Hornswoggle has of winning an Elimination Chamber Match. 

  • Obviously, if you are in love with Kinect or PS3, you're out of luck, for this is not a franchise available to all. Although these games are crawling with characters we have all come to love, they still belong to Nintendo, not you. So, you probably won't see this brand of fun on other game systems any time soon. Apparently, Princess Peach's authority doesn't spread to Seattle.

  • Does it bother anyone else that the gaming world keeps passing off this out-of-shape plumber as the video game's greatest athlete at every single sport up for grabs? Baseball, golf, tennis were not enough? Really? Really? He has to spread his spear of influence to the sacred sport of dodgeball now? It does beg the question, however, when will Mario and friends step through the ropes of the squared circle? 

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