"Killzone 3"

"Killzone 3"

Sony Computer Entertainment: Shooter
In Stores: Feb. 22 (PlayStation 3)

It appears that "business is about to pick up," with the release of Killzone 3. After conquering the Helghast dictator Visari, Special Forces Operative Sev finds himself back in the thick of things, taking on the Helghast army once again, in midst of a political smackdown.

High Spots:

  • In the wake of the biggest Royal Rumble Match in history, Killzone 3 offers the gamer more than ever. The enlarged battlefield environments include arctic vistas, nuclear wastelands and alien jungles. Not to mention the size of the levels are now a whopping 10-times the size of those featured in Killzone 2.

  • Some members of the WWE Universe may get the impression the game designers challenged Mick Foley in the newest installment of Killzone. This is because Guerrilla Games has upgraded the games weaponry, including a new Wasp missile launcher. But, for die-hard gamers that have followed the franchise from the beginning, no worries. You will still have access to the classic M82-G Assault Riffle. Talk about the land of the extreme!

  • For those of you who love the excitement of playing a game and feeling as if you are in the game, you're in luck. Killzone 3 features an HDR audio system which focuses on audio depth making combat more life like. So when you hear heavy breathing, it's not Gangrel; it's just your character.

Hard Bumps:

  • "Real talk!" Unfortunately for all you loyal Xbox and Nintendo fans out there, Killzone 3 will be harder to come by than a date with Team-Lay-Cool's Layla. The game is exclusively for the Sony PlayStation console.

  • Killzone 3 does offer a special Helghast edition of the game. However, unless you come out to the ring in a new Bentley or your father is the "The Million Dollar Man," picking up the special edition may cause a real dent in your bank account. Killzone3: Helghast edition chimes in at $129.99.

  • If you thought that after Sev defeated Visari in Killzone 2, that an exciting new villain would present himself in the next installment, wreaking havoc on uncharted territories; then you may not be a happy camper. Sev is still battling the same enemy, with no end in sight.

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