Disney Epic Mickey: Collector's Edition

Disney Epic Mickey: Collector's Edition

Disney Interactive Studios -- Action-Adventure 
In stores: 11/30/10 (Wii)

Inspired by the cartoons of the 1930s and 1940s, Disney Epic Mickey follows the iconic mouse as he is pulled into Wasteland, a cartoon world filled with retired and forgotten Disney creations. The game draws on 80 years of exciting Disney history in amazing detail. But will it rank atop the magic gaming kingdom … or a small world, after all?

High Spots:

  • Through an innovative "Paint and Thinner" feature, Mickey can alter Wasteland by painting certain items in and "erasing" others out. C'mon, who doesn't ask for this in their life at least once a day? Got a flat tire? Ink up a new one. Your boss getting on you? Erase him from the office forever.

  • Among the characters featured in Disney Epic Mickey is the mouse's lesser-know predecessor, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Oswald -- Walt Disney's first cartoon star -- seems rather perturbed at the worldwide fame his "half-brother" has enjoyed  Needless to say, expect fireworks that could match even the Undertaker/Kane rivalry.

  • Disney Epic Mickey allows players to choose and fulfill numerous quests. From what we've seen of the game, these challenges are mixed with a refreshing, straightforward 2D playing style that's both retroactive and potentially revolutionary.

Hard Bumps:

  • Although one of the season's most anticipated games, Disney Epic Mickey almost feels like someone cleaned out the dusty back end of the Disney vault, hoping gamers will spot some great toy from their childhood and become motivated to play. Beyond Mickey, is the nostalgic "star power" of characters like Oswald really going to hook in hardcore gamers?

  • The game's Collector's Edition includes a 5-inch Mickey collectible figure and a special edition DVD with behind-the-scenes footage, among other bonus items. Those sound neat … so long as Warren Spector -- the designing imaginer behind Disney Epic Mickey -- makes the game itself more engaging than past Disney games.

  • Only Nintendo's Wii? What about the Disney enthusiasts that have a Sony PlayStation Move controller, or an Xbox 360 Kinect? Shouldn't they also be granted admission into this creative playground?

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