Dead Space 2: Collector's Edition

Dead Space 2: Collector's Edition

Electronic Arts: Survival horror
In stores: Jan. 25, 2011 (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC)

As The Undertaker can surely attest, evil doesn't "rest in peace" for long. More than two years after the release of its groundbreaking third-person shooter Dead Space, Electronic Arts unleashes Dead Space 2, a title that promises to be even more terrifying and mind-bending than a peek into Goldust's wardrobe. 

High Spots

  • Players once again assume the role of monster-mashing engineer Isaac Clarke, who, three years after the events of the first game, finds himself face-to-whatever with hordes of Necromorphs (think extraterrestrial zombies) on a massive orbital space station. Like in the first game, the only way for Isaac to survive is to strategically dismember his Necromorph foes in a variety of creative (and messy) ways. Talk about Extreme Rules!
  • Fortunately, you don't need to be Alberto Del Rio or Ted DiBiase to get the ultimate Dead Space 2 experience. The Collector's Edition of the game retails for $79.95, which comes packed with concept art, special in-game items, the Dead Space 2 soundtrack album and even a replica plasma cutter -- ideal for terrorizing pets, younger siblings or Soaring Eagles.
  • This game introduces a slew of new tools to Isaac's arsenal, including dismembering trip mines to help you "drop the boom" on pesky Necromorphs from a distance. 

Hard Bumps

  • Sure, it's nice that this sequel features a variety of multiplayer modes -- like just about every game on the market -- but it was the original title's suspenseful, solitary experience that set it apart from the other third-person shooters on the market. As a pure horror franchise, Dead Space doesn't necessarily translate well to twitchy online frag fests.
  • The PlayStation 3 version of the game features a copy of previously-released rail shooter Dead Space: Extraction with motion-sensing Move capability, but the Xbox 360 does not come with a Kinect-compatible version of the game. Xbox 360 owners like to flail around like Santino Marella at yoga class too!

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