Dance Paradise

Dance Paradise

THQ/Mindscape Inc: Rhythm/Dancing
In stores: Feb. 15, 2011 (Xbox 360 Kinect)

Want to learn all the hot dance moves of Eve? Need some new steps when it's your turn for the "Diva Dance-Off"? Now, you can learn these moves and more from the comfort of your home with the release of Kinect's Dance Paradise.

High Spots:

  • Dance Paradise has an extended playlist featuring the likes of Lady Gaga, 50 cent, Gwen Stefani and Kevin Rudolf. So, you're sure to find an upbeat song that will get you moving … and that's "What's Up!"

  • Sift your way through six different levels for dance glory and a chance to get your ticket to the VIP club. With each part you unlock, you can get great new clothing and other items for your Xbox avatar. With all the outfits you can add -- it's a Diva Focus photoshoot dream!

  • Maybe Dance Paradise is the key to Vickie Guerrero's success. Any video game that can get you up and moving is a great idea. With dancing it's different -- you're burning calories and don't even know it! With a proper diet, you'll be on your way to the cover of WWE Magazine with six-pack abs in no time. Take note, Jo-Mo!

Hard Bumps:

  • In an already-crowded market of dance games for Kinect, Dance Paradise is not as user friendly as Dance Central. While Dance Central has "slow mode" which helps master difficult moves, Dance Paradise just gives the user a small lesson on how to do the moves. With two left feet, there's no way without a "learning mode" we'd be able to master Vladimir Kozlov's sweet moves.

  • The graphics setup for Dance Paradise can be confusing. Rather than using people who emulate your moves, it uses flat colors to show your moves. This makes it difficult to see what move they want you to use. In other words … "You can't see me!"

  • Although the playlist is large, there's not as much diversity as in rival Kinect-based dance games. And even though we don't mind rocking the beats of Rihanna, we wouldn't mind a little hard rock to get the blood flowing. Because nothing says dancing like a mosh pit -- and those are awesome!

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