"Back to the Future: The Game"

"Back to the Future: The Game"

Telltale Games: Adventure
Available: PC and Mac: Dec. 29, PS3 and iPad: Dec.30

Before there was an Attitude Era, Monday Night Raw or even Hogan vs. Andre, Marty McFly set out on a gigawatt-infused battle against time. And now, in the wake of the 25th anniversary of Back to the Future, Marty and Dr. Emmett Brown are once again powering up the flux capacitor for Back to the Future: The Game.

High Spots

  • Future features an exciting, completely new story -- in an adventure format -- set around six months after the original film trilogy ended. With the DeLorean coming back from the dead, could it be time to revive Al Snow's career as well? 
  • Attached to the project is Christopher Lloyd as the voice of "Doc" Brown as well as Bob Gale, one of the huge creative forces behind the film series. With Michael J. Fox lending his likeness to the project as well, Telltale Games' episodic cartoon is clearly concerned with giving Future the "power of love" by staying as true to the classic franchise as possible.
  • In has been reported that on certain game pre-orders, Telltale is going to donate $1 to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research. Think of how much that would have been worth in 1955 currency!

Hard Bumps

  • Fair warning: Diehard Back to the Future fanatics may feel as if they've skewed into a tangent, creating an alternate universe. Though many of the film landmarks such as the town square and Lone Pine's Mall make an appearance, the overall look of the game takes on a more stylistic approach than a realistic one. "Great Scott!"
  • Though Doc Brown is included in the game, Marty is the only character you can play the game through. What, no Biff? "Hello! Anybody home? Think, Telltale. Think."
  • It has been reported that the story will be split in five episodes, set to be released each month starting with December. If you have your own time machine, it might be worth taking it to 88 mph to pick them all up at once. The rest of us will simply have to wait … or wish on our hope chests. 

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