WWE.com's list of Superstar and Divas' New Year's Resolutions

WWE.com's list of Superstar and Divas' New Year's Resolutions

Most of the WWE Universe has come up with their New Year's resolutions. Maybe it's to get healthier, quit a bad habit or something much bigger. Therefore, in the spirit of starting anew, WWE.com offers its suggested resolutions for certain Superstars and Divas.

David Otunga - Put down the bowtie and pick up an ascot.Michael Cole in his singlet

Michael Cole - Never wear the singlet again. Never. Ever. Please. 

Beth Phoenix - Keep this "forever" going - at least on WWE '12.

Christian - Regain the World Heavyweight Championship you deserve ... or at least remind everyone at every opportunity just how much you deserve it.

Cody Rhodes - Bring back the mask!

Aksana - Stop being so shy and reserved around men.

Dolph Ziggler - Add the running man, and other breaking and popping moves to your in-ring dance repertoire.

Kelly Kelly - After gracing the cover of Maxim in 2011, build on that success this year by appearing on the covers of Sports Illustrated, Time and The Economist.

Wade Barrett - May we suggest a trim of your locks to better see your future?

Alberto Del Rio - For your vehicular entrances this year, buy an old jalopy and put in some elbow grease fixing it up real nice.

Eve - We've beein impressed with the USC engineering grad. Use your jiu-jitsu training more in the ring, and get back into the Divas Championship hunt.

Hornswoggle - Use your newly-granted ability to speak by recording a hit album, mostly Doobie Brothers covers.

Jinder Mahal - Put a stop to Christmas, and every other holiday for that matter, in 2012.

Sheamus - As much as you may like the nickname "The Great White," please hit the tanning salon early and often, to get a head start for Spring Break 2012!

Santino Marella - Spend a lot of time in the gym pumping iron to somehow replicate Mason Ryan’s physique.

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